16 weeks to a half marathon

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16 weeks to a half marathon

Break 2 Hours Half Marathon Training Plan: A 16-week training plan will help you complete break 2 hours half - marathon. by Elite R.N.

A 16-week training plan will help you complete break 2 hours half - marathon.
You’ll build speed and endurance gradually, so there’s less chance of injury, and you’ll arrive at the start line feeling fresh, confident and ready to smash your half marathon goals.

This plan is for you if: You’ve done a couple of 10Ks – maybe a half marathon – and are looking to break the two-hour barrier.
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HALF MARATHON Training For Beginners

They have to develop the endurance to run Given these demands, most debutants come to the distance with a healthy respect that borders on anxiety — which can work to their advantage. Luckily, the payoff outweighs the challenges.
Elite R.N.

16 Week Half Marathon Training Schedule for Beginners: That First 13 Miler

Begin your running journey with those all-important first steps — our Get-Started Schedules will take you from nought to 30 minutes in just eight weeks, whatever your current level of fitness. Whether you're a beginner aiming to get round or a regular runner, we've got schedules that'll see you to 5K in 6 - 12 weeks. Find a 5K schedule. The UK's most popular race distance is something special — versatile, testing and the perfect training companion for more other running goals than any other distance. Whether you've got two weeks or two months until your race, we've got the schedule for you. Find a 10K schedule.

The Half Marathon can be a grueling, cramp inducing, blister forming, out of breath, sweat fest of a race distance. If you are new to running, and looking for a way to embrace the best of those thirteen miles, you are starting in the right place by checking out these twelve steps towards a 16 week half marathon training schedule for beginners. Thanks for visiting and supporting Yonderlust Ramblings! Now in the double digits for half marathons completed, I have to say that this distance is by far my favorite. And that is saying a lot, because barely a decade ago I could not run a mile. I straight loathed running, period.

How The Plan Works

For nearly all runners who have jobs to go to and families to take care of — which of course means nearly all runners — it can be next to impossible to adhere to a training plan that requires you to run multiple days each week, many weeks and months in a row. If you are looking to run your first half marathon, please consider our week training plan for beginning runners , which provides a more intensive training regimen. Note also that this training program is spread out over 16 weeks rather than 12 weeks, to give your muscles more time to get ready. The schedule above places the weekly long run on Saturday, followed by a usually much shorter quick run on Sunday. Also feel free to move around the mid-week runs as your schedule demands — just make sure you get in two runs of 30 to 60 minutes each in the middle of the week before your long run each weekend. Remember that there are a number of ways to structure a half marathon training plan.


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    This week training plan (one of five) from running coach and co-founder of Advent Running James Poole will help you cover the mile (km) distance comfortably. “Six runs a week makes running part of your routine,” says Poole. Build phase 1: In this stage you’ll work on.

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