When was henry knox born

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when was henry knox born

Henry Knox: Visionary General of the American Revolution by Mark Puls

Fantastic biography of one of the most underrated heroes of the American Revolution.

I knew him only as the man who dragged the cannons from Fort Ticonderoga to Boston in order to help expel the British from the city—giving Washington his first victory of the war. There is however, much, much more to his life story.

He always happened to be where history was being made—from the Boston Massacre to every battle with Washington throughout the war. The military aspect is obviously what he is known for but the story of his personal life was equally compelling. The story of his courtship with Lucy Flucker the daughter of a Loyalist and Knoxs efforts to win Father Fluckers blessing to wed made for an interesting read. There was no mention of any attempt to solicit Mother Fluckers blessing. LOL. Their life together (used loosely as they were frequently apart but did find time to have 12 children) is equally poignant. How they were able to soldier on through their lives with all the hardships that befell them is truly amazing. Again, the military aspect is only part of the story. The personal lives of these men and their families need also to be considered in order to understand the full magnitude of their devotion to country.

For trivia buffs, he was the first to refer to Washington as the Father of his country.

I am now adding Henry Knox to my list of favorite Revolutionary era favorites which include only Washington, Adams, and Hamilton. These men and their families sacrificed so much for the freedoms and liberties we take for granted today. I strongly recommend this book to get a new perspective of this historic time through the eyes and thoughts of this great man.
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Revolutionary War Documents - Washingtons' Invite To Henry Knox

Over the next several years, he grew into a strong youth, standing over six feet tall and weighing around pounds.
Mark Puls

The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Self-educated in engineering and military strategy, Knox soon became Washington's chief of artillery and eventually rose to the rank of Major General. After William died at the age of fifty, Henry left Boston Latin Grammar School to apprentice to a bookbinder, helping to support his widowed mother. He became a clerk in a Boston bookstore and opened a bookstore of his own when he was 21 years of age. He married Lucy Flucker, the daughter of Boston Loyalists, in Ten of their 13 children died before they were grown. They were formidable and conspicuous not only for their generous sizes—they both weighed over pounds—but also for their gregarious personalities and love of the good life. Lucy, spirited and brave, accompanied her husband into the field as often as possible during the Revolutionary War.

When Henry was only 9 years old, his merchant captain father passed away after experiencing financial ruin. After only three years at the Boston Latin School, where Henry studied a mix of languages, history, and mathematics, the young Knox was forced to leave in order to support his mother and younger siblings. Knox apprenticed himself to a local bookbinder named Nicholas Bowes, who helped Knox learn the trade and encouraged his reading. Bowes permitted Knox to liberally borrow from the store's inventory, and in this manner Knox became proficient in French and effectively completed his education on his own. He remained an avid reader, eventually opening his own shop, the London Book Store, at the age of Knox was especially fascinated by military topics, including artillery, and he read widely on the subject.

Henry Knox July 25, — October 25, was an American bookseller from Boston , who, at 24 years old, became the chief artillery officer of the Continental Army and later a close adviser of George Washington during the American Revolution. He was instrumental in forming the Society of Cincinnati, an organization for French and American veterans of the revolutionary war.
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Further Reading on Henry Knox

Henry Knox was a Revolutionary War general, famed as the father of American army artillery. Henry Knox was born in Boston, Mass. He had to leave school at an early age to support his mother, who had been deserted by his father. In Knox joined the Boston Grenadier Corps, a crack regiment, as second in command. Two years later he married Lucy Flucker, whose loyalist father opposed the marriage. When the Revolution broke out in , Knox volunteered his services to Gen. George Washington.

Forced by family circumstances to leave school at age nine, Knox worked in a Boston bookstore and by age 21 had acquired his own store. He became active in the colonial militia and in joined the Continental Army at Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was commissioned a colonel and placed in charge of the artillery. In a remarkable feat, Knox brought back artillery totaling , pounds 55, kg , using oxen, horses, and men to transport the guns over snow and ice miles km to Boston. The weapons were used to drive the British from that besieged city and formed the basis for the Revolutionary artillery.


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