Galactic council of celestial elders

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galactic council of celestial elders

Mated to the Alien Lord by Leslie Chase

99.8% Chance of True ??Love

Gemma????, a human woman, wants a mate, so she goes to Celestial Mates and signs up. Immediately, she is paired with Big, Blue Prince ??Corvax??????, a native of the mostly water world?? of Crosos. His clan, Rohar, controls most of the planet, because they have the only link to space, so all exports and imports must come through their island.

There are other clans opposed to Clan Rohar, and they are involved with clandestine plots to overthrow them. Corvax???????? is immediately drawn to Gemma????, even though he was entered into Celestial Mates without his knowledge. He fears for her life, though, and wants to send her back to ??Earth where she should be safe. Gemma???? wants Corvax????????, desperately, and she has just a few months before the next ship to ??Earth arrives to convince him she should stay.
A lot can happen in a couple of months!

ARC Received.
I also got the book?? with KU.

I loved the book??! It has a lot more happening in it than most ??books of this genre. Its long enough to get a real story going, too. Outside forces make the story an interesting one.
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Galactic Council (Earth-616)

For some, the following information will appear to be Science Fiction. Indeed, many of our everyday experiences were considered Sci-Fi only a decade or two ago. We walk around with the capacity to almost instantaneously talk to anyone, anywhere on the Planet, at any time, using a small device in our pocket. From this same device, I can capture what I see, transmit it across thousands of miles, have it printed and shipped back to me in a variety of forms, overnight. I can view the weather in New Zealand, check traffic in New York, watch a video by a kid in London, all within the time it takes to listen to a short song produced today in San Francisco.

Spanish version. Abstract Somewhere along the line, almost any channeled source we listen to is going to mention that they belong to one Galactic Federation and Council or another. This is normally presented as a positive thing, and people who are digging into the material feel that there is a chance in the future that humanity may join as well. Then there are others, like the Pleiadians, who don't like Galactic Federations. They have been channeling their information for almost 25 years, and every so often they get a question about Galactic Federations. It has come to a point where they get almost irritated and just say,. When I decided to look into these space organizations, I did my best to look at them objectively to see if I could find a connection between some of them, or if they all are separate from the others.

Your Universe is teeming with life at levels mostly in advance of your own. Life is everywhere around you; therefore what could be more natural than contact being made with you. It is not that long ago that you started to explore the space around you, and your understanding of it has increased. Ker-on of Venus, 22 Oct. You on Earth peer out to the stars and ponder "is there life out there? You are in for a wonderful surprise very shortly.

Publishing Co. The Galactic Federation was formed about 4.
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It is with the purest vibration of love and peace that we send our energy to greet you; we are the combined essence and consciousness of the Celestial White Beings of the Cosmic level and the Galactic Council of Twelve who oversee spiritual matters and evolution from a Galactic Level. It is our purpose to come forward in love and guidance for you at this most sacred time on the Earth., The Andromeda galaxy is also known as M31 to the people of Earth. Consider it also as the 'Mother' council, the governing body, of all of the various interdimensional councils.





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