Does purina use euthanized animals

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does purina use euthanized animals

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What Exactly Is in Pet Food? Sometimes, Dead Pets.

Snopes needs your help! Learn more. Drugs used to euthanize pets have been found in some pet foods, leading to rumors the product may include rendered dead cats and dogs. Definitive evidence proving the claim of rendered pets in pet food such as DNA testing is lacking. Urban legends about pets are some of the most tenacious and reaction-provoking, prominent among them a long-held belief that pet food particularly the cheapest brands is made, in part, from the rendered euthanized remains of cats and dogs themselves:. I have heard from a friend of mine who heard it from her professors in college that Old Roy can or once did pose a danger to dogs. According to what she head, Old Roy is made partially from Old Roy himself.

Purina does not list the ingredients for its Deli-Cat and Kit & Kaboodle brand cat that you are not using euthanized animals in any of your pet food products.
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Sixty percent of Gravy Train samples came back positive, according to the station , which reported that the FDA was responding with its own investigation. In its statement to ConsumerAffairs, Smuckers blames the snafu on a single, unnamed supplier. However, he claims in the same statement that trace amounts of pentobarbital are safe for pets to consume. We sincerely apologize for the concern this has caused. The ABC affiliate had launched its investigation into Smuckers in response to concerns over a different pet food. Besides safety, the findings also raised concerns that dog and cat food is made from the euthanized remains of other dog and cats. Much like pet food companies, the agency assured consumers not to panic.

By Yaron Steinbuch. Thousands of dogs have been poisoned and killed by a popular brand of Purina dog food that contains toxins, a pet owner alleges in a lawsuit filed in a California federal court. Lucido began feeding his three dogs only Beneful in late December or early January, the suit says. The dogs were being kept in three separate houses during home renovations. By the end of January, all three dogs became sick and one eventually died, according to the suit. An autopsy found signs of internal bleeding and similar symptoms were found in another dog.

The results of those studies is documented in Dog Food Samples Used in CVM Pentobarbital Surveys and Analytical Results which reveals the results of analysis which showed the presence of pentobarbital in numerous brands of dog food. While the study was not meant to be representative of the pet food market, the FDA concluded that:. Based on the findings, the agency wanted to know where the drug was coming from so they conducted species analysis testing on the dog food. To do that, they developed a test based on the assumption that the origin of the pentobarbital was from euthanized dogs and cats or possibly horses. They stayed on the market, and not a single one of those illegal pet foods was withdrawn or recalled from the market. And here we are today, with the FDA saying virtually the same thing today as they did 20 years ago:. Perhaps that if the FDA had taken a stronger position about the pentobarbital laced dog foods twenty years ago by requiring their removal from the market, manufacturers would have been sent a stern message: A zero tolerance for pentobarbital.


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