Why is marco polo so famous

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why is marco polo so famous

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11 Things You May Not Know About Marco Polo

Marco Polo is known for traveling along the Silk Road to China, where he explored and documented much of Asia not yet explored by Europeans. Introduction Marco Polo was a merchant in Venice before he became the famous explorer we know today. At 17, he left Venice with his father and uncle. Marco traveled much of China and the east, and his stories were written into a popular book. His book would go on to inspire other explorers. Not much is known of his early childhood.

Marco Polo was a Venetian merchant believed to have journeyed across Asia at the height of the Mongol Empire. He first set out at age 17 with his father and uncle, traveling overland along what later became known as the Silk Road. Upon reaching China, Marco Polo entered the court of powerful Mongol ruler Kublai Khan, who dispatched him on trips to help administer the realm. Marco Polo remained abroad for 24 years. Though not the first European to explore China—his father and uncle, among others, had already been there—he became famous for his travels thanks to a popular book he co-authored while languishing in a Genoese prison.

Marco Polo. Search this site. What was Marco Polo most famous for? By: Pedro. Conclusion,By: Domenica. References By: Pedro. Marco Polo was very famous for his travels and stories he told from Ancient China.

Marco Polo was an inmate in the Genoese prison at the Palazzo di San Giorgio from to , arrested for commanding a Venetian galley in a war against Genoa.
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The slow road to China

In Polo's day and even today, there has been some doubt about whether Polo really went to China. However, most experts agree that he did indeed make the journey., Marco Polo to January 8, was a Venetian explorer known for the book The Travels of Marco Polo , which describes his voyage to and experiences in Asia. Polo traveled extensively with his family, journeying from Europe to Asia from to and remaining in China for 17 of those years.

In , they returned to Venice to meet Marco for the first time. The three of them embarked on an epic journey to Asia, returning after 24 years to find Venice at war with Genoa ; Marco was imprisoned and dictated his stories to Rustichello da Pisa , a cellmate. He was released in , became a wealthy merchant , married, and had three children. He died in and was buried in the church of San Lorenzo in Venice. Though he was not the first European to reach China see Europeans in Medieval China , Marco Polo was the first to leave a detailed chronicle of his experience. This book inspired Christopher Columbus [9] and many other travellers.

He inspired future travelers, including Christopher Columbus. Born presumably in the Republic of Venice around , Marco Polo played an important role in cartography. While in Constantinople, the Polos foresaw a political shift in and headed for the Volga River, reaching the court of Berke Khan, the sovereign of the western territories of the Mongol Empire. These skillful merchants doubled their assets while in Bolghar and also became friends with Kublai Khan, the fifth Great Khan of the Mongol Empire. Marco Polo only met his father and uncle in , when the Polo brothers returned to Venice. After the death of his mother, Marco was raised by his aunt and received education in trade-related subjects such as foreign currency and managing cargo ships.

In , three years after he returned from his journey, Polo was captured after leading a Venetian galley into battle against the rival Italian city-state of Genoa. While in prison he encountered Rustichello of Pisa, a fellow captive who was known as a talented writer of romances. Eager to document his years as a traveler, Polo dictated his life story to Rustichello, who acted as a kind of ghostwriter. By the time of their release in , the two men had completed the book that would make Marco Polo a household name. Marco Polo may be the most storied Far East traveler, but he certainly was not the first. Other Catholic emissaries would later follow, including William of Rubruck, who traveled east in the s on a quest to convert the Mongols to Christianity. These early missionaries were largely inspired by the myth of Prester John, a legendary king who was believed to rule over a Christian empire in the East.


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