Ochre court mansion newport ri

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ochre court mansion newport ri

Murder at Ochre Court by Alyssa Maxwell

In the summer of 1898, reporter Emma Cross investigates a shocking death among the bright lights of Newports high society . . .

After a disappointing year as a society columnist for the Herald and staying with her more well-heeled Vanderbilt relatives in New York City, Emma has returned to the salty air, glittering ocean vistas, and grand stately mansions of Newport, Rhode Island, more determined than ever to report on hard news.

But for now shes covering the social event of the season at Ochre Court, a coming-out ball designed to showcase Cleo Cooper-Smith, who will be literally on display, fittingly as Cleopatra, in an elaborate tableau vivant. Recently installed modern electricity will allow Miss Cooper-Smith to truly shine. But as the deb ascends to her place of honor, the ballroom is plunged into darkness. When the lights come back on, Cleo sits still on her throne, electrocuted to death.

Quickly establishing that the wiring was tampered with, Emma now has a murder to investigate. And the array of eligible suspects could fill another ballroom--from a shady New York real estate developer to a neglected sister and the mother of a spurned suitor. As Emma begins to discover this crime has unseen connections to a nefarious network, she puts her own life at risk to shine a light on the dark motives behind a merciless murder.
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Eric + Julia: Ochre Court Wedding Video Newport, RI

Ochre Court is a large chateauesque mansion in Newport, Rhode Island, United States. Commissioned by Ogden Goelet, it was built at a cost of $ million in.
Alyssa Maxwell

Ochre Court

Although not as well known today as the Astors or Vanderbilts, the Goelets were the second-largest land owners in New York and traced their wealth back to Peter Goelet, an iron merchant during the revolution. Like anyone who was anyone in the late 19th century, they escaped the hot city summers to a 'cottage' in Newport. Ochre Court is named for the color of the cliffs it sits atop, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Only one generation of Goelets spent time at the mansion. The next generation gifted it to the Diocese of Providence, which turned it over to the Sisters of Mercy in to house a school. The school later became Salve Regina University.

If you're wondering if this is one of the Newport mansions you've seen depicted in a movie, the answer is yes. In the opening scene of the movie, the exterior of Ochre Court is used for the Swiss chateau that Arnold Schwarzenegger must infiltrate. Many of the interior shots including the famous tango scene were taken down the street, at Rosecliff. Ochre Court was built in as a summer home for Ogden Goelet , a wealthy New York banker and developer. Goelet was also an avid yachtsmen, and there was no better place for sailing during the Gilded Age than Newport. Main entrance - on the campus of Salve Regina University. The descendants of Mr.

If you'd like to add or correct something on this page, or if you'd like to manage the content on this page, you can:. Be the first to connect to this house. Connect to record your link to this house. Since , Ochre Court has been the heart of Salve Regina University and visitors are welcome to take tours on class days. Unlike preceding generations of the Goelet family who had gained a reputation for extreme miserliness, Ogden and his brother spared themselves no luxuries and Ochre Court is as good an example as any of their willingness to spend, dazzle and impress.

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I wish I'd known about this school when I went to college. It was fun to see the students along the Located right next to the Cliff Walk in Newport, it has also served as a location for the Tennis This mansion, Newport's second largest after the Breakers, is easily overlooked but well worth a visit. It is now the Salve Regina University administration building. The estate was deeded to the Sisters of Mercy Catholic Order My apologies if I may have the official title incorrect in the late forties.

What great interior photos. Have toured the ground floor as the college allows visitors to wander the rooms freely, but never saw them in all their glory. This is lovely!!!. My daughter attended Salve Regina and graduated last year. I attend wonderful concerts in this beautiful place I have always wanted to see interior photos of Ochre Court when it was a home. Do you have any others? I do have a few other photos, and I will get around to posting them.


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