Plot driven vs character driven

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plot driven vs character driven

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How to Write a Main Character Who Drives the Plot

Character-Driven Vs. Plot Driven: Which is Best

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Question: Your website is amazing and I am forever grateful of your insightful and detailed answers. My question is this simple: What is the difference between a character-driven story, a plot-driven story, and a theme-driven story? Also, can you please give some examples of each? Also, in each story, what kind of subplot should I use? I hear that in a character-driven story, your subplot should be plot-oriented and vice-versa Is that true and how would one go about doing that?

Writers tend to either focus on one, or the other. This is one of the reasons your target audience is attracted to your story or repelled from it. So, here comes the obvious question. First, what are these two things exactly? The answer is writing styles. It depends largely on the genre and intent of the story.

Which is better?

Knowing how to approach your plot will help you work out many things in the rest of your work, from what to research, to chapter length and even the impact of your ending. Most stories can be classified as plot-driven or character-driven and sometimes a mash-up of the two. But what do these terms really mean? A lot of websites provide conflicting definitions and examples, but here's what it boils down to: Plot-Driven How do your stories pan out? Character or plot-driven? It's helpful to think about plot-driven stories as a complete journey where there is a clear end goal which has already been decided.

Additionally, determining what will drive your writing style is also a crucial piece of the writing puzzle. If you choose to use this writing style, your reader will spend time thinking about the characters and their attitudes, personal evolutions and decisions, and how those, in turn, change the shape of the plot and the story as a whole. That change in Cruella de Vil would in turn alter the dynamic of the story completely. This internal change of the character is an example of character-driven writing. Factors such as plot twists, action and external conflict are what make up the focus of this style of writing. In most cases, the goals of the story are more external in that they are focused on the development of a situation.

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