Alt wesley crusher die die die

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alt wesley crusher die die die

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Published 31.12.2018

Wesley Crusher takes no shit

The appearance of a quirky Usenet newsgroup named " die" pretty much describes what hard-core Trek fans thought of his character.
Janet Briggs

Wheaton's Trek to Respectability

I KNOW!!! Why would you do that to yourself? Perhaps the smartest. FOCUS on these aspects of your life, man! Go do a wicked science fair project that creates an artificial singularity or whatever. That sounds like a fun Saturday night, right?


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  1. Tulimocont1968 says:

    Wheaton has long been one of geekdom's favorite whipping boys, taking unending abuse for his role as Wesley Crusher, the whiny, know-it-all teenager on TV's Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  2. Caitlin B. says:


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