What was jonas dream about

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what was jonas dream about

The Giver - Make a text to self connection with the main character, Jonas. Showing 1-50 of 63

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The Giver - Jonas and Fiona

Nick Jonas made Priyanka Chopra’s childhood dream come true

At the start of the series, he is selected to become the Receiver of Memory during the Ceremony of Twelve and gains the knowledge of generations 'back and back'. This causes him to rebel against the Community and eventually escape to Elsewhere with baby Gabriel, restoring their memories and emotions. He later becomes Leader of the Village in Elsewhere and fathers two children with Kira. Jonas, like every child in the Community, was born from a Birthmother and assigned to a mother and a father , becoming part of a family unit. He was raised to adhere to the Community's strict rules and customs, which included precision of language, excessive politeness, and never lying amongst other principles governed by the guiding concept of Sameness. When Jonas was a Four, his parents were assigned a female named Lily.

All rights reserved. The dream involved his sledding down the hill, again and again, always about to reach something at the bottom, except he doesn't know what the something is. He knows that it is something good, however—something "welcoming. Jonas realizes he couldn't explain his training even if he were allowed, since no one knows what a sled or hill or snow is anyway. When he sees Fiona, it's clear that she expects him to talk about his training. When he doesn't, she's a little taken aback, but she can't ask directly because that would be rude.

As the current Receiver of Memory transmits the first memory to Jonas, Lowry's style of writing changes. Up to this point, her style has been straightforward — clear and uncomplicated. However, all of the memories, which we understand through Jonas' interpretations of them, are lyrical because Jonas' thoughts, feelings, and moods are portrayed, as are the vivid images of what he experiences. For example, to describe Jonas' ride on the sled, Lowry gives us sensory impressions by using lyrical phrases such as "the sharp intake of frigid air" and "cold swirling around his entire body"; snowflakes are "tiny, cold, featherlike feelings," Jonas holds a "rough, damp rope," and the snowstorm looks like a "bright, whirling torrent of crystals. After Jonas receives the memory of the sled ride, he asks about the snow and the hills. The current Receiver, who later tells Jonas to call him The Giver, explains that generations ago, when the people chose Sameness, they also chose Climate Control and a flat terrain because the community could produce more food, and transportation would be easier and faster without hills, curves, and hazardous weather. The people believed that Sameness would benefit the community.

Logging out…

Just as the family practices a telling of feelings at night, they tell their dreams in the morning. Jonas usually does not have a dream to tell, but this morning he has a vivid one: he dreamed that he was in the steamy bathing room at the House of the Old, trying to convince his friend Fiona to take off her clothes and allow him to give her a bath. Jonas recalls that his parents take the same pill every morning, as do some of his friends. He also recalls hearing announcements made over the loudspeakers reminding children to report their Stirrings for treatment as soon as possible. Jonas is pleased to have grown up enough to have to take the pills, but he tries to remember the dream—he liked the feelings it gave him.

Jonas tries to name the emotion he feels in response to the upcoming Ceremony of Twelve; he decides it is "apprehension. Afterwards, he has a private conversation with his parents about the upcoming ceremony. When Jonas's Father brings home Gabriel, Jonas notes that this baby, like himself, has light-colored eyes. He recalls the time when, while playing catch with Asher, he saw an apple "change," though it was fleeting and he couldn't describe it afterwards. Jonas goes to the House of the Old for his volunteer hours and meets up with Fiona and Asher while he's there. He bathes Larissa and listens to her describe the Release ceremony for an old man named Roberto. At breakfast the next morning, Jonas confesses his sexy dream about Fiona and has to start taking pills for his "Stirrings.


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