Passionate about education and learning

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passionate about education and learning

Passionate Learners: How to Engage and Empower Your Students by Pernille Ripp

Would you want to be a student in your own classroom? In Passionate Learners: How to Engage and Empower Your Students, author Pernille Ripp challenges both novice and seasoned teachers to create a positive, interactive learning environment where students drive their own academic achievement. You’ll discover how to make fundamental changes to your classroom so learning becomes an exciting challenge rather than a frustrating ordeal. Based on the author’s personal experience of transforming her approach to teaching, this book outlines how to:

• Build a working relationship with your students based on mutual trust, respect, and appreciation.

• Be attentive to your students’ needs and share ownership of the classroom with them.

• Break out of the vicious cycle of punishment and reward to control student behaviour.

• Use innovative and creative lesson plans to get your students to become more engaged and intellectually-invested learners, while still meeting your state standards.

• Limit homework and abandon traditional grading so that your students can make the most of their learning experiences without unnecessary stress.

New to the second edition, you’ll find practical tools, such as teacher and student reflection sheets, parent questionnaires, and parent conference tools--available in the book and as eResources on our website ( help you build your own classroom of passionate learners.
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Learning with Passion and Enthusiasm

Passion In Education

It facilitates us to investigate our own considerations and thoughts and makes it ready to express it in various shapes. It is additionally the way to our fate as achievements can only be accomplished when individuals have information, aptitudes, and frame of mind. In this way, education resembles a medium through which we can associate with various individuals and offer our thoughts. To tackle issues and do inventiveness we first need to gain proficiency with some essential abilities. We require learning and abilities to wind up increasingly imaginative.

I got a lot of tips and ideas I could try in my classroom, but I also must admit that I started to feel a little bit inadequate. It seems that presenters at these events focus only on success — which is understandable. At this conference, I tried to remember that the teacher presenting must run into the same challenges that we all deal with. Because however you frame it, teaching, like life, can get messy. To me, John Dewey is a member of that inspirational group of people like Galileo and Plato who were born before their time.

By fall of , I will have been in school for seventeen years and I am choosing to remain in a school building for a large portion of my adult life. I am choosing to surround myself with individuals that are decades younger than me for the rest of my life. Are you jealous yet, because I would be!
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Meaning & Types of Education:

Those of us committed to a long career in the classroom must seek new challenges if we expect our 20th year of teaching to be as engaging as our first. Why take on something new? But if we focus on things that drive our passions for teaching, we can stretch ourselves and energize our careers. What do you love about teaching? If you could spend more time doing the things you love, what would your school day look like?

Everyday you step into the classroom because you believe in education. You believe in your students and you believe in their potential to develop into extraordinary young people. My name is Lucy Parsons. During my own years at school I used the power of learning to achieve 5 As at A-Level and earn a place at Cambridge University. I now have the privilege of working one-to-one with extraordinary young people who are deeply determined to make the most of their education and make the absolute most of their potential. My mission is to help hard-working students achieve the same level of success that I did. I get my kicks from empowering them to achieve what sometimes feels unattainable but with the right attitude, tools and skills is within their reach.


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    I allowed education to get in the way of my learning. Once I decided that I would explore my real passion, I gradually started moving my focus.

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    PDF | Passion has a motivating factor; therefore, it is a significant need for high quality learning and teaching. Passion is seeking for the new.

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