Quotes about being in the moment

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quotes about being in the moment

Present Moment Quotes (336 quotes)

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Published 22.12.2018


11 Of The Greatest Present Moment Quotes To Inspire You

What if this moment was enough? What if, above your struggle, there was joy? And beneath your pain, there was peace? And remember: you are enough too. Try making the present moment a friend. Embrace it as part of the adventure. You might even make a friend out of yourself.

Jane 24 Comments. Need some inspiration to live in the present moment? Look no further — enjoy the following 20 quotes about living in the present moment:. Thank you for an interesting collection of mindfulness quotes. I particularly liked the Byron Katie quote. Not only does she talk about what happens when we disagree with what is but gives us the solution of a clear mind. This is an incredibly great article.

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We are living now the paradox of happiness. We have almost all the things we wished for and we thought will make us happy. Yet, the reality is that the majority of people are more unsatisfied with life than ever before. For some strange reason, the present moment seems to be lost out of our thoughts. Happiness is a state of mind built around positive thoughts, critical thinking , and being thankful for what you have. Did you notice how much time people spend with worrying? As if, worrying makes you somehow stronger.


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