Harry potter is all about confronting fears

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harry potter is all about confronting fears

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Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (Dumbledore's Return) 4K

Themes from Harry Potter

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The following is a list of themes considered to play a part in the Harry Potter Series , both academically and by J.
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by Phyllis D. Morris

Fear plays a central role throughout the Harry Potter series. In fact, you could say that the central conflict of the series — between Voldemort and Harry — represents the struggle between fear and courage. Voldemort uses fear in order to gain power, from spreading terror and apprehension throughout the wizarding world to creating an enigmatic persona around himself — shrouding his very name in fear. Even his pursuit of Harry is driven by fear: fear of the unknown power that allowed Harry to withstand and beat Voldemort as a mere baby. Harry, in contrast, represents the pursuit of courage — to withstand fears and fight despite their crippling nature. Why is something like arachnophobia so important in a series that deals with such large issues and themes?

The way in which the characters in the Harry Potter series react to the presence or nearness of danger or evil — i. This paper will explore the way in which the key characters in the series express and cope with their fears, and how their differing reactions drive their actions and define the course of events in the wizarding world. Fear of the unknown is at the root of the fear of death, as John Hollander explains that the fear of death encompasses. Hollander 5. Voldemort has exhibited all of the various facets of the fear of death described by Hollander. However, while fear of death is natural, it is how Voldemort responds to that fear that defines his character and sets the stage for future events in the wizarding world. By creating his Horcruxes, Voldemort has attempted to subdue his fear of the unknown — of death — by controlling his mortality.


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