Books about the mexican cartel

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books about the mexican cartel

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Published 23.12.2018

Mexican Cartels, Mafia and Gangster Warlords: Ioan Grillo Narco Journalist - True Crime Podcast 40

Mexican Cartel Books

Spoiler Warning: The conversation includes references to major events from the previous books. What are some of the real-life incidents that inspired the new book? As a result, we swapped one wolf for a dozen coyotes. In , you wrote an essay for Esquire that said marijuana legalization unintentionally created the opioid crisis, since the cartels needed a new illicit product to sell. Is that something you explore further in the new novel? He says that the American pharmaceutical companies have created a market for opioids that the Sinaloa cartel can undercut with a cheaper and better product.

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After a U. Use of the drug has now reached epidemic proportions in the United States, with overdoses soaring across the nation. Without assistance from any major drug cartel, the Xalisco Boys came to dominate the heroin trade, while avoiding violence and gaining a reputation for single-minded efficiency. There are other books on heroin use in the United States, but Dreamland is unique in its detailed portrait of the illegal cross-border business and the lives that it has touched. While the title might lead you to think that this a how-to guide for aspiring drug lords, it is actually a detailed analysis of the business model of drug cartels. How do the leaders of these organizations prosper and survive in the face of dangers?


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