What is some like it hot about

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what is some like it hot about

The Making of Some Like It Hot: My Memories of Marilyn Monroe and the Classic American Movie by Tony Curtis

A Special Memoir for a Special Moment in Hollywood History . . .

Some Like It Hot occupies a unique place in American culture. This beloved classic showcases five comic geniuses: Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, I. A. L. Diamond, Billy Wilder, and Marilyn Monroe. It has been honored by the American Film Institute as the Funniest Film of All Time. It has contributed quotes, styles, and stories to film lore. Yet the full story of its making has never been told—until now.

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Tony Curtis on filming Some Like It Hot [part 1]

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Tony Curtis

Why Some Like It Hot is the greatest comedy ever made

Pictures like this, with a sense of humor that is as broad as it can be sophisticated, come along only infrequently. Even so, the film has its faults. Story revolves around the age-old theme of men masquerading as women. This leads to the obvious complications, particularly since Curtis meets Miss Monroe ukulele player, vocalist and gin addict and falls for her. Lemmon, in turn, is propositioned by an addle-brained millionaire Joe E.

Brown , Joan Shawlee , and Nehemiah Persoff. The screenplay by Billy Wilder and I. The film is about two musicians who dress in drag in order to escape from mafia gangsters whom they witnessed commit a crime inspired by the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre.
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One person laughed, once. Some Like It Hot nearly died there. They loved it. And most who see it have loved it ever since. The cross-dressing at the heart of the film offered the wrong kind of daydream.

What a work of art and nature is Marilyn Monroe. She hasn't aged into an icon, some citizen of the past, but still seems to be inventing herself as we watch her. She has the gift of appearing to hit on her lines of dialogue by happy inspiration, and there are passages in Billy Wilder's "Some Like It Hot" where she and Tony Curtis exchange one-liners like hot potatoes. Poured into a dress that offers her breasts like jolly treats for needy boys, she seems totally oblivious to sex while at the same time melting men into helpless desire. Like Jell-O on springs.


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    Some Like It Hot is a American black and white romantic comedy film set in , directed and produced by Billy Wilder, starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony.

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