Quotes about burying a loved one

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quotes about burying a loved one

Leadership Is an Art by Max DePree

LEADERSHIP IS AN ART has long been a must-read not only within the business community but also in professions ranging from academia to medical practices, to the political arena. First published in 1989, the book has sold more than 800,000 copies in hardcover and paperback. This revised edition brings Max De Pree’s timeless words and practical philosophy to a new generation of readers.De Pree looks at leadership as a kind of stewardship, stressing the importance of building relationships, initiating ideas, and creating a lasting value system within an organization. Rather than focusing on the “hows” of corporate life, he explains the “whys.” He shows that the first responsibility of a leader is to define reality and the last is to say thank you. Along the way, the artful leader must:

• Stimulate effectiveness by enabling others to reach both their personal potential and their institutional potential

• Take a role in developing, expressing, and defending civility and values

• Nurture new leaders and ensure the continuation of the corporate culture

LEADERSHIP IS AN ART offers a proven design for achieving success by developing the generous spirit within all of us. Now more than ever, it provides the insights and guidelines leaders in every field need.
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Bible Verses On Dealing With Death - Scriptures For Comfort In Death (Audio Bible)

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Max DePree

20 Funeral Quotes for A Loved One’s Eulogy

Funeral Guide has gathered a few beautiful inspirational quotes for funerals. Add something special to your condolence cards, eulogies, and obituaries. Strive not, my soul, for an immortal life, but make the most of what is possible. Sometimes a moment is a lifetime. But what an imprint you footsteps have left upon our hearts. It is an emotional, physical and spiritual necessity, the price you pay for love. Not really.

Last Updated on August 15, When composing a eulogy for a loved one, the most difficult part can be finding an apt starting point. Fortunately, many creative minds — authors, poets, musicians, and world leaders — have wrestled with life and death and have emerged with concise, insightful, and stirring funeral quotes to give us guidance. Here are some of the best and most useful eulogy and funeral quotes, presented with lovely imagery and elegant typography for your inspiration. Perhaps they are not stars but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones shines down to let us know they are happy. I fall asleep in the full and certain hope that my slumber shall not be broken; and that, though I be all-forgetting, yet I shall not be all-forgotten, but continue that life in the thoughts and deeds of those I have loved.

When we were confronted with the deaths of our mothers and fathers, we were overcome with emotion. Our friends offered such kind and inspiring words that really helped us gain control of our emotions. We want to include many of those here for your use. Whether you use this page to find the right words of condolences to others or read for your own peace of mind, we hope that it brings you comfort. You are not alone in your journey.

When composing a eulogy for a loved one, the most difficult part can be finding an apt starting point. Fortunately Funeral Quotes about Life and Death it into the urn in the days leading up to the sea burial service. One.
the bible and human sexuality book

Need help finding a cemetery?

Image Source: Pexels. That is, think back to times when he or she was in good health, enjoying life to the fullest. Is there a saying that the person was fond of, or that you think sums up his or her personality? Is there a version from a holy book that is particularly apt? Or from a poem? Read the Biblical Verse samples further down this page for an example of each.


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