What does it mean when you dream about jesus coming

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what does it mean when you dream about jesus coming

Jill Paton Walsh (Author of A Presumption of Death)

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Published 23.12.2018

Dream Interpretation According to the Bible

Dream Of Jesus

Christians, for example, view Jesus as a savior, son of God or the Messiah. Muslims view him as a great prophet Allah. Other people believe Jesus to simply be this great historical figure that is very popular within religious circles thanks to his supernatural abilities and godlike traits. So why would you dream of Jesus? You could be having this dream because you seek divine help from God.

Perhaps because we are living in the end times, we are receiving more and more reports of Dreams and visions of Jesus. Many dreams of Jesus remain for a lifetime. There are various meanings to these dreams, but many times it is simply His way of saying to an individual, "I am here, and I love you! There are presently more than 50 pages of dreams and visions of Jesus submitted by visitors from all areas of the world. These beautiful and often chilling accounts of Jesus are in the words of the dreamers. I had a dream that Jesus came down from heaven we have one angel on each side of him with a light going down from the heavens I had a dream that the world was ending and God was there with me I also had another dream that Jesus was coming down from heaven and he was holding a cross in his hands it was so beautiful that she was going with like very good light very bright light it was so beautiful that I actually woke up in the morning feeling very happy and go lucky in the morning and I felt very happy and all the sudden I was so optimistic the next day this is my story this is my dream. Before I came to France, I had to decide which ph.


D o Christians have dreams that have meaning? Is there a way for believers to interpret these dreams? Does God communicate to Christians by dreams or does God speak to us in our dreams? The Bible describes situations where dreams are interpreted and one of the best examples of this is when Joseph interpreted the dream of the Egyptian Pharaoh Genesis Joseph had been thrown into prison unfairly and when he was able to interpret the dreams of the baker and the cup bearer and when the cup bearer heard that Pharaoh had a dream he remembered Josephs God-given ability to interpret dreams Genesis


  1. Fondlenfolec says:

    Your dream could mean that you have seen this particular artwork. The presence of . To see Jesus coming down from the sky represents your heart and hopes.

  2. Matilda L. says:

    Christian Dream Interpretation? Does God Use Dreams to Speak To Us?

  3. Tia J. says:

    Although No one knows the exact day when Christ will return we are told to be . What does this dream mean? I don't understand what the dream means. Do I.

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