Its all about saving lives

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its all about saving lives

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Published 20.12.2018

The Israeli And Palestinian Doctors Who Put Saving Lives Above It All - NBC News

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Yes, there is the occasional story involving a spectacular crash, a pursuit, a protest or arrest, but for the most part, what we do is not in the public eye. However, there have been some significant successes in that reflect on the men and women of the CHP assigned to this part of the state. There was a 20 percent decrease in the number of fatal collisions and persons killed on our highways in Northern Humboldt County. Our driving under the influence arrests increased by Citations for excessive speed above the maximum and posted speed limits numbered over 3, These three violations, driving under the influence, occupant restraint and speed, are the leading cause of death and injury in the State.

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One way that people can have a social impact with their career is to donate money to effective charities. Alyssa Vance told me that many people may see this as highly ineffective relatively to their optimistic expectations about how much it costs to improve the lives of people. I thought the reverse would be true — folks would be skeptical that charities in the developing world were effective at all. Fortunately Amazon Mechanical Turk makes it straightforward to survey public opinion at a low cost, so there was no need for us to sit around speculating. I suggested a survey on this question to someone in the effective altruism community with a lot of experience using Mechanical Turk — Spencer Greenberg of Clearer Thinking — and he went ahead and conducted one in just a few hours.


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    Download this HD stock video by Studio Firma from Stocksy United.

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    Science is galloping forward and we are on the cusp of the next generation of medical breakthroughs that will benefit patients and society for decades to come.

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    The Thrill of Improving Health and Saving Lives | Bill Gates

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    Yokozawa takafumi no baai movie eng sub the power of the secret book

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