Fun facts about warren buffett

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fun facts about warren buffett

The Warren Buffett Stock Portfolio: Warren Buffett Stock Picks: Why and When He Is Investing in Them by Mary Buffett

Bestselling authors Mary Buffett and David Clark examine seventeen companies that Warren Buffett has bought for himself and for his holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, as durable investments and explain why these companies are once again selling at prices that offer great long-term growth prospects.

Warren Buffett has always believed that the time to buy stocks is when nobody else wants them. As we enter the fifth year of what many economists are calling the Great Recession, we find that some of the most amazing businesses—those with a durable competitive advantage—are trading at prices and price-to-earnings ratios that offer investors serious long-term moneymaking opportunities. Pessimism about the banking situation in Europe and unemployment in America have created the perfect storm to bring stock prices down and present value-oriented investors some great possibilities.

In Warren Buffett’s world, as stock prices decrease, the prospects for investment increase. Putting a number on those prospects tells Warren whether or not the stock is an attractive buy. The Warren Buffett Stock Portfolio explains how to do just that—how to value companies and conservatively estimate the kind of future return that an investment is offering at its current market price. Mary Buffett and David Clark look at stocks in Warren’s portfolio as the basis for their analysis.

After a brief history of Warren’s investment strategy, Buffett and Clark explain how to interpret a company’s per-share earnings and per-share book-value histories to quickly identify which companies have a durable competitive advantage and to project the compounding annual rate of return that an investment offers. The authors provide case studies and evaluations of seventeen companies in Warren Buffett’s portfolio.

The Warren Buffett Stock Portfolio is a valuable companion to the other books in Buffett and Clark’s successful series—Buffettology, The Buffettology Workbook, The New Buffettology, The Tao of Warren Buffett, Warren Buffett and the Interpretation of Financial Statements, Warren Buffett’s Management Secrets, and Warren Buffett and the Art of Stock Arbitrage.
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9 SURPRISING FACTS About Warren Buffett - #DidYouKnow

25 Surprising Facts About Warren Buffett

You must have heard about the famous businessman and investor, Warren Buffett. Buffett was born on August 30, in Omaha, Nebraska. His complete name is Warren Edward Buffett. His father Howard Buffett was a politician and a businessman. Warren made his first stock purchase when he was only 11 years old. Declan, Tobin. Tobin, Declan.

Jump to navigation. Called the 'Oracle of Omaha', Warren Buffett is one of the world's wealthiest people and perhaps the most influential philanthropists of our times. He is much respected by his peers and the world alike for his personal frugality and adherence to ethical principles when it comes to successful business management. Buffett rose from a modest beginning to become one of the richest men on earth through his sheer hard work and a keen sense of investing. He developed his own investment principles which helped him acquire a lot of wealth; he was already a millionaire by the time he was in his early thirties. As his wealth grew, so did his desire to give back to the society-he is a notable philanthropist and has pledged to give away a significant portion of his fortunes to charity. At an age of 11, while most of you were playing video games, he bought his first stock.

Warren Buffett is one of the most successful investors in the world, which in turn, makes him a person of enormous interest to those who want to earn a profit from investing but still feel that they can benefit by listening to the advice to those with the right expertise and experience. However, it is important to note that there is a lot more to Buffett than his skills as an investor, seeing as how he is also a businessman as well as a famous philanthropist. In fact, he is one of the three billionaires who first signed the Gates-Buffett Giving Pledge, which is a statement of their intention to donate at least half of their wealth to charitable causes, thus kickstarting a trend among the super-rich. As a result, it could be said that Buffett deserves enormous respect not just for his skills as an investor but also for his efforts to make the world a better place to live in alongside his friend, Bill Gates. Financial experts recommend that people start investing as soon as possible because their returns can be reinvested, thus leading to higher and higher earnings over time. In fact, Buffett was earning more than his teachers as well as most adults at the time.

Warren Buffett Facts. Who would have thought that one of the most influential people in the world would be born during the Great Depression.
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As a teen, he was making more money than his teachers delivering newspapers. His modest home in Nebraska is worth just. But Buffett isn't just a master at making money — he's good at giving it away, too. Inspired by a Quora thread asking "What are some mind-blowing facts about Warren Buffett," we rounded up 24 astonishing facts about the legendary investor and his massive fortune. Buffett's legendary career all began with an epiphany at age 10 when he was on a trip to New York City with his dad.


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    From buying his first stock at age 11 to having his face on Cherry Coke cans in China, these Warren Buffett facts might surprise you.

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