What does christianity say about crime

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what does christianity say about crime

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Published 24.12.2018

'10 Things I Hate About Christianity'

Learn and revise about how Christianity views crime and punishment with BBC Bitesize What does Christianity say about how criminals should be treated?.

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Not long ago, in a small midwestern city, an older gentleman who happened to live in the same neighborhood as my son and his family went to a nearby grocery store to shop. The gentleman was in his 70s and appeared harmless. As he came out of the store, three young men accosted him and demanded money. They knocked him around, then one of them pulled out a pistol and shot him. The young men left him on the ground, helpless and bleeding.

Crime is rampant throughout the world and Antigua is no exception. Different countries combat crime in different ways with varying degrees of success. To properly deal with crime in society, we must first understand what causes crime. Genesis The fall of man brought about corruption in the heart of man, which manifested itself externally with violence, murder, theft, and all manner of criminal behaviour.

How Will It Be Stopped?

M any evangelical christians believe that when it comes to wrongdoers or criminals , the state's first task is to make them suffer for the wrong they have done. - Christianity teaches that sin is a part of human nature and that all people have the potential to commit a crime. This is shown in the story of the fall of Adam and Eve in Genesis , when they disobeyed God and ate the forbidden fruit.

Oct 16, The full text of this article in PDF format can be obtained by clicking here. However, there is also evidence for the claim that religious fundamentalists do not act in such ways toward those who they perceive as members of an outgroup. Christian Nationalism. Her focus, then, is Christian nationalism , which Peterson Sparks describes as including several core beliefs: 1 the Bible is the literal and authoritative Word of God; 2 the Bible should be the only foundation for all of American life; 3 the United States must be returned to its status as Christian nation; 4 conservative Christians are superior and have a right to rule over America; and 5 Christians must keep our nation from its continuing slide into the corruption wrought by secular humanism She contends that Christian nationalism and the culture surrounding it has a direct impact on crime insofar as it contributes to violent criminal activities against women, children, members of the LGBTQ community, people who are members of other religious faiths, and nonbelievers.

While the numbers fall short of showing a national trend, sensationalized headlines and calls for tougher law enforcement are sure to follow in communities nationwide. Many will focus on this snapshot, but it is important for Christians who care about justice not to lose sight of the long game: We must build a values-based criminal justice system that reflects each individual's God-given worth, while keeping our communities safe. Reports of increased crime, wherever they occur, make us feel more vulnerable. News of violence seems to surround us via an unrelenting stream of newsfeeds and videos, and it frightens us all. But when crime and violence affect our communities, it is an opportunity to be guided by our values not our fears and create a restorative criminal justice system that honors the image of God in each person. Crime requires a serious response, but the FBI's latest numbers do not indicate that America is, overall, more dangerous.


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