All about the bee gees

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all about the bee gees

Muppet Babies: Gonzos Video-Show by Jeffrey Scott

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Published 21.12.2018

Bee Gees - This Is Where I Came In

Brothers Barry , Robin , and Maurice Gibb brought their extraordinarily tight, three-part harmonies all over the world, creating some of the most instantly recognizable voices in modern music.
Jeffrey Scott

The Bee Gees: How Three Small-Town Brothers Became Leaders of the 70s and 80s Music Scene

He was 62 and lived in Thame, Oxfordshire, England. The cause was complications of cancer and intestinal surgery, his family said in a statement. Gibb had been hospitalized for intestinal problems several times in the last two years. Cancer had spread from his colon to his liver, and in the weeks before his death he had pneumonia and for a while was in a coma. Gibb was the second Bee Gee and third Gibb brother to die. His fraternal twin and fellow Bee Gee, Maurice Gibb, died of complications of a twisted intestine in at

The Gibb brothers were performing in public by the late 1950s

While most famous bands can trace their formation through collaborations and breakups with other acts, the three brothers who comprised the Bee Gees found their place in music history through the process of growing up in the same home together. Fraternal twins Robin and Maurice followed on December 22, The boys undoubtedly inherited some musical DNA from their parents: Dad Hugh was a drummer and a bandleader, then putting his talents to use at a series of hotels on the island, and mom Barbara was known to be a gifted singer. Still, by all accounts, the brothers realized their talents and ambitions on their own. Neighbors from this period remember Barry strumming his tennis racket and "performing" on a dock, the twins usually following him around, though recognition of their abilities wouldn't come until after the family moved to Manchester, England, in She offered to turn down what sounded like the radio playing in another room, only to realize that the music was coming from nine-year-old Barry and his six-year-old brothers singing in unison.


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