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best books about the sith

Best Sith Books (16 books)

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Published 25.12.2018

Star Wars - Darth Bane - Path of Destruction Audiobook (Book 1)

Iíll give a nod to the two most mentioned already: Darth Plagueis and the Darth Bane trilogy, especially the first one, Darth Bane: Path of Destruction. In canon, I liked Lords of the Sith. The Tarkin novel hits upon Sith influence a bit.
Drew Karpyshyn

What are the best Sith books?

Discussion in ' Literature ' started by daveeek , Jul 28, Log in or Sign up. Jedi Council Forums. Welcome to the new boards! Details here! Lit The Best Book about the Sith is?

Long before any Star Wars fans dreamed of George Lucas continuing his epic space saga with a trilogy of prequels, and before other directors helmed a new trilogy that would conclude it, the Star Wars Expanded Universe was created with novels. Various authors penned exciting narratives in the Star Wars Universe featuring all your favorite characters and a bunch of new ones. But many fans consider the novels to represent the true essence of Star Wars, and for that reason, The Force will always be with them. The mysterious Darth Plagueis was first brought up in Revenge of the Sith during an intimate moment between Chancellor Palpatine and an unhappy Anakin Skywalker. Young Skywalker has had a premonition his new secret bride, Padme, will die in childbirth. Palpatine mentions that one powerful Sith Lord, Darth Plagueis, discovered the ability to prevent people from dying and even create life. Darth Plagueis by James Luceno, chronicles a young Palpatine as he learned the Dark Sith Arts from his master and then eventually surpassed him.

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  1. Katherine H. says:

    Embrace the best reading from the dark side with 'Star Wars' Sith books.

  2. Ineltersa says:

    Stephen king dark tower series review the book thief first page

  3. Emillen E. says:

    Lit - The Best Book about the Sith is? | Jedi Council Forums

  4. Claribel P. says:

    I created this list because I was fascinated with Sith, but I didn't know where to find books specifically about them. So feel free to vote for.

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