Non fiction books about boarding school

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non fiction books about boarding school

Boarding Schools Book Lists

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Published 25.12.2018

Boarding Schools - what are they like?

9 Novels Set in Boarding Schools

These ten books, I can say with confidence, have changed my life in some way, and they will probably change your life too. The River of Doubt , Candice Millard. If there is no doubt whatsoever in your mind that Teddy Roosevelt is a badass, read this book to confirm that you are correct. Millard takes the reader through the Amazon with the ex-President and his team of explorers while giving insight into his iron-willed history. Boy , Roald Dahl. However, my obsession with the writer led me to his work of nonfiction, Boy, which details the sometimes hilarious, sometimes horrific stories of his time at boarding school as a child.

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James Browning's new novel, The Fracking King , finds the tap water bursting into flames at the Hale Boarding School for Boys, where Scrabble prodigy Winston Crwth finds himself going to mandatory Saturday classes and passing a swimming test with his limbs bound. Browning picked 10 of the best boarding school books. I did not correct him. The closest thing to boarding school in my life now is, oddly, the Internet—the sense of being swept up in something so big, promising, boring, and dangerous, and which, no matter how I love it, refuses to love me back. Here are ten great novels about boarding school as a place where you are forced to create yourself. Narrator Kathy H.


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    In elementary school, I dealt with my fair share of end-of-summer apprehension.

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    Spotlight on Six Goodbyes We Never Said (Candace Ganger), Plus Excerpt!

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