What is the great comet play about

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what is the great comet play about

The Great Comet: The Journey of a New Musical to Broadway by Steven Suskin

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of an award-winning musical!
Here is the official, fascinating, behind-the scenes journey of the new musical Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812, from its inception, to Off-Off Broadway, to Off-Broadway, to its premiere at the Imperial Theatre on Broadway. The musical is based on a dramatic 70-page slice of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Profusely illustrated, the book also includes an annotated script and a special CD with three songs from the Off-Broadway production and two all-new recordings for the Broadway production featuring Josh Groban with a 25-piece orchestra.
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No One Else from Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812 - Piano Accompaniment

Last chance to see Broadway's groundbreaking hit musical.
Steven Suskin

What’s Next for ‘Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812’

This summer, two of my friends got beautiful tattoos. They were confirmation that people in my life were drawn to the ethereal as a way to ground themselves. They also bore a striking resemblance. Weeks later, another friend sent me a photo of a tattoo she got on her arm: A central point with lines and bulbs extending from it, like a postmodern chandelier. After a 4-year journey in smaller theaters, it premiered on Broadway in November and will end its run on Sept. It's quickly become my favorite musical and, as this stretch of its journey comes to an end, reminds me of the importance of art that navigates what it means to love, to struggle, and to declare your presence amid absolute chaos. Another friend's "Great Comet"-inspired tattoo.

For most of the performers, it was their first time on a Broadway stage. Costumed as punkified peasants and aristocrats in a bold musical adaptation of Tolstoy, they danced down the aisles, handing out pierogies and creating an unusually immersive musical experience. Now they are seeing the sharp edge of Broadway. The show is collapsing after a conflagration that was racially charged and distinctly contemporary: a social media uproar prompted by the financially motivated decision to bring in a white actor to replace a black actor who had succeeded a white actor. Even in a flop-prone industry, the sudden crash of the musical stands out, reflecting competing challenges for commercial theater: the benefits of star power, the hunger for diversity and the high costs of producing on Broadway. Add in Twitter, and things can get messy. Some blamed the lead producer, Howard Kagan, a hard-charging hedge fund veteran, for failing to rein in costs or to plan effectively.

Backstage at the Imperial Theatre, Dave Malloy is preparing to play Pierre, a role he has slipped into on and off since , in the musical he started writing a few years before that. Crew members arrive to tease out his hair and help him into the costume of the awkward protagonist. He slips on an incompletely buttoned yellow vest, straps on an accordion.
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A farewell to a musical that reinvigorated my love for live art.

It is based on Volume 2, Part 5 of Tolstoy's novel War and Peace , focusing on Natasha's affair with Anatole and Pierre's search for meaning in his life. The musical originally ran at the Ars Nova in , followed by stagings in both the Meatpacking District and the Theater District of Manhattan, a Spanish-language staging in Quito, Ecuador, and a remounting at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Once the show was taken to Broadway, Josh Groban made his Broadway debut as he took over the role of Pierre. The story is set in Moscow, , just before Napoleon's invasion of Russia and the burning of the city. The story begins by introducing the characters "Prologue" , and then sets up the character Pierre, an old, sad, wealthy aristocrat, who is having an existential crisis, living a slothful life of wine, philosophy, and inaction "Pierre".

The iconic electropop opera received rave reviews upon its first Off-Broadway run, which is why its eventual Broadway transfer was inevitable. Here are some fun facts about this breathtaking show:. After seeing an off-Broadway performance in , Josh Groban raved about it on Twitter. He was a fan first, and when he heard it was coming to the Great White Way, he reached out to producers in an attempt to secure a role in the Broadway debut — and he was quite successful. To play the lead role of Pierre, Groban had to learn to play the accordion, which he picked up while on his concert tour.


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    Note on Digital Perusal: Samuel French's new digital perusal process grants easy, digital access to music perusals while protecting the intellectual property of our composers, book writers, and lyricists.

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    "Pierre & Andrey" – Andrey, Pierre; "Pierre & Natasha" – Pierre, Natasha; "The Great Comet of " – Pierre, Ensemble.

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    Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of - Wikipedia

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    A bold musical adaptation of Tolstoy drew 12 Tony nominations and “Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of ” is closing on Broadway.

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