Fiction books about kings and queens

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fiction books about kings and queens

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T he most compelling books on royal families, for me, are those that entwine a gripping personal narrative with a national or international story and help to deepen our understanding of history. To appreciate what is at stake for the protagonists and how they make their choices depends on how skilfully the historical context is woven into the writing without overloading the prose. My favourite books are those that provide fresh insights on historical events while allowing the reader to inhabit the world of the royal characters. As I sat in the royal archives in the Round Tower at Windsor reading the extensive correspondence between the queen and her grandchildren, it was clear that the queen had a passion for matchmaking. Victoria could not foresee that the family dynamic also contained the seeds of its own catastrophic downfall in which cousin was set against cousin, husband against wife and even sister against sister. Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert K Massie The dramatic story of the last tsar, tsarina and their family told against the epic sweep of early 20th-century Russian history. Although a few details of scholarship have moved on, the book remains a classic.

When Victoria inherited the British throne, right when the empire was at its maximum level of power, everyone expected her to fail miserably. But everything changed when she married her cousin Albert, building a strong family that would rule them all. Thanks for voting! Please tell us why you like it! Please tell us why you don't like it! Thank you for sharing your experience!

Recommendations are always welcome! The historical novels are all set in the 19th and 20th centuries and there is a strong wartime focus, especially the First World War. I read books by authors whose work I have enjoyed before, such as Jacqueline Winspear and C. Gortner and discovered some new authors as well. Perry captures the atmosphere of Victorian science and culture including the fossils catalogued by Mary Anning and the medical discoveries of the time. I did not find the story itself to be a page turner though and it was easy to step away from this audiobook and start listening again later in the day. The characters were also not especially memorable.

This well-researched book is perhaps the most complete account of both Henry and Agincourt currently available.
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From The White Princess and Reign to The Royals and The Crown , it's no secret that people are fascinated with the world of the aristocracy, both historical and fictional. If you're one of those people who are obsessed with palace intrigue, political scandals, passionate romances, and impeccable fashion, then there are plenty of new fiction books about royalty to keep you entertained, no matter what show goes on break, gets canceled, or ends. Whether it be about England's most notorious historical monarchs, a fictional member of a real-life regal family, or a fantastical ruler of the stories centered around kings, queens , and the royal court have captivated viewers and readers for centuries, and why shouldn't they? Brimming with royal passions, political scheming, sexy scandal, and bloody battles, both on the field and off, royal reads have everything a person needs to be completely enthralled and entertained. And while there are plenty of TV shows and movies out there that try and capture the essence of what it means to sit on the throne, real or otherwise, there are even more books that have the power to transport readers from their couches to the royal courts of the world.

And how do you feel about courtly intrigue, especially when everyone is clawing their way to the throne with secrets and deceit abound? What about rulers desperate to kill whoever necessary to maintain their power? And who really runs the kingdom? And maps. If none of the above interests you, well, then you should probably just click away from this post right now. But if it does, check out some of the young adult books below that feature kings, queens and court life! With the help of our Epic Readers on Twitter and Facebook we were able to curate this reading list!


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