Picture books about police officers

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picture books about police officers

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Community Helpers POLICE OFFICERS by Cari Meister

Books About Police Officers and Other Safety Helpers

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Make PoliceOne your homepage. Next time you select a book for you child, consider these LEO-themed reads. There are many benefits of reading to children at a young age some even suggest starting at infancy. But what if you could foster a love of reading along with helping your child understand the role of your profession in your community? These nine police-themed children's books might do the trick.

Picture Book List - Police Officers by BPLPictureBooks - a community-created list.
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Officer Buckle and Gloria Read Aloud

Graphic Novels. They include teachers, nurses, mail carriers, firefighters, and police officers. For many young children, the words and pictures in these titles ring true to their experience with police officers. The police they encounter are friendly, helpful, and work to protect them and their families. This experience, though, is not shared by all children. Arrest or incarceration of a family member can result in lasting trauma. Some children witness family or friends being treated harshly by police or experience harsh treatment themselves.

Recently I released a community helpers theme pack for preschool and kindergarten. He has all kinds of ideas cooking mud pies, building houses, fixing cars, etc. The story is great and the pictures are hilarious. This one was requested often! This is a treasure of a book that you could look at all day and still not catch everything. Career Day , by Anne Rockwell. Worksong , by Gary Paulsen.

Police officers, crossing guards, lifeguards, and security officers are important people in the community who help keep us safe. These books can help your preschoolers learn more about the work of these community helpers. So read these books aloud to a group or add them to your classroom library to build vocabulary and knowledge about safety community helpers. Check online booksellers or your local library for these books. Keeping You Safe by Ann Owen This book examines the important work of police officers and how they work to keep people safe. I Want To Be a Police Officer by Dan Liebman Photographs and easy-to-understand text show police officers doing different jobs, some even riding bicycles or horses.


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    These nine police-themed children's books might do the trick. Did we miss 8. Keeping You Safe: A Book About Police Officers By Ann Owen.

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    Books About Police Officers and Other Safety Helpers - Pre-K Pages

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    + community helper books - The Measured Mom

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