What is managerial psychology all about

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what is managerial psychology all about

Readings in Managerial Psychology by Harold J. Leavitt

With more than half the papers new to this book, the fourth edition of Readings in Managerial Psychology represents a substantial revision of this popular text. This edition focuses more than ever on the managing process, both within and between organizations, and such soft issues as managing creativity and imagination, managers values and beliefs, and organizational culture play a larger role than they have before.

Readings in Managerial Psychology is designed for managers in business and industry, students of management, public and university administrators, and executives in other organizations. The collection can be used independently or as a companion volume to Harold J. Leavitt and Homa Bahramis Managerial Psychology: Managing Behavior in Organizations (5th edition, 1988), also published by the University of Chicago Press.
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Managerial Psychology

The programme is directed at managers who influence the practice of cooperation in their organizations. Leaders and professionals who want to increase the organizational effectiveness by strengthening the quality of the relationships with colleagues and employees.
Harold J. Leavitt

Managerial Psychology in Practice

A partner for concerted, Decent and Sustainable Development. Managers are judged by the quality of their decisions but often they know little about the processes that go into critical decision-making and the strategies required to improve on it. A deeper understanding of organizations as well as managerial psychology is an asset to any one in a managerial position. This course equips participants on organizational development and the psychology necessary to move it forward. The principal objective of this course is to sharpen the ability of managers, empowering them with adequate skills in organizational decision-making strategies capable of moving organizations forward. It is expected that at the end of the course, students will have developed the following capabilities:. Professionals working in organizations who may want to handle management positions, degree holders who may want to pursue scholarship in the area of Managerial Psychology and Leadership.

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Managerial psychology is a sub-discipline of industrial and organizational psychology , which focuses on the efficacy of individuals, groups and organizations in the workplace. Its purpose is to specifically aid managers in gaining a better understanding of the psychological patterns common among individuals and groups within any given organisation. Managerial psychology can be used to predict and prevent harmful psychological patterns within the workplace and can also be implemented to control psychological patterns among individuals and groups in a way that will benefit the organisation long term. Robbins, SP et al. If in the early stages managerial psychologists used to study the problems of fatigue , boredom , and other working conditions that could impede efficient work performance. More recently, their contributions have expanded to include learning , perception , personality , emotions , training, leadership, effectiveness, needs and motivational forces, job satisfaction, decision-making processes, performance appraisals, attitude measurement, employee-selection techniques, work design, and job stress Robbins, SP et al.


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