What is the horse and his boy about

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what is the horse and his boy about

The Horse and His Boy (Chronicles of Narnia, #5) by C.S. Lewis

I feel more conflicted about this book than any of the other Narnia books. On the plus side, the story is stronger and CS Lewis manages to keep his blatant editorializing to a minimum (maybe because none of the characters are transplants from wartime London).

But holy crap, the modern reader will find his racist descriptions pretty hard to swallow. He reintroduces his devious, smelly, turban-clad race, the Calormen. A lost white boy is raised among them and he is sad until he is finally reunited with the beautiful white people of Narnia.

Ive read an argument that Lewis isnt *really* racist because he portrays one Calormene character in a positive light. But thats like Sarah Palin gushing about her gay friends to prove shes not homophobic. Inviting a lesbian coworker to your annual moose BBQ is not enough to overcome an active campaign against gay rights. For Lewis, commenting that one Calormene lady is a good storyteller is not enough to over come the contempt he feels towards his own Arab stand-ins.
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Book 3 The Horse and His Boy Part 1

The Horse And His Boy by CS Lewis

These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. The story revolves around a young Calormene by the name of Shasta. Shahsta and his father, Arsheesh, live life as fishermen. However, one day Shasta discovers that Arsheesh is not his real father and intends to sell him to a cruel nobleman by the name of Anradin. Shahsta has no knowledge of this initially and thus is prepared to be sold.

It was illustrated by Pauline Baynes and published by HarperTrophy. In a town south of Calormen lived a boy named Shasta. He lived with a poor fisherman named Arsheesh who treated Shasta none too kindly. Shasta always wondered what lay to the north beyond the hills but his curiosity was punished by Arsheesh who demanded that Shasta attend to his work. It happened one day that a noble came from the south and stopped at Arsheesh's home. Over dinner, the two began to bargain over a price for which Shasta would be sold to the Calormene. During the discussion, Shasta learns that Arsheesh is not his true father but found him in a small boat with a soldier who had died.

So, let's talk about Narnia, one of the most beloved fictional worlds of children's literature. The magical land through the wardrobe, home to a delightful array of nymphs and witches and wrong-sized animals. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was excellent, because the kids went on a boat and had lots of thrilling boat adventures. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe was an absolute classic. Prince Caspian and The Silver Chair have completely merged in my mind, so I'm not entirely sure what happened in either of them something about a Marsh-wiggle?

The Horse and His Boy Summary

Yes, I know this is breaking one of the cardinal rules of reading aloud—that the reader must be excited about what he or she is sharing. I soldiered on, though, because I really want to make one pass through Narnia sooner rather than later and then start over again for my boys. It turns out that the girl in question handled the situation well and even declared this Narnian tale her favorite, once again reminding me that I never really arrive as a parent. I remember The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe as this great, sweeping adventure, and most of the other books have always seemed that way to me, too. The Horse and His Boy , however, seemed almost short-storyish to me this time around. It has been hard for me to rebuild any spiritual resilience or vitality.


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