Henry david thoreau quotes about death

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henry david thoreau quotes about death

Walden Quotes by Henry David Thoreau

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Henry David Thoreau Quotes About Death

These Henry David Thoreau quotes are all positive, inspirational words of wisdom. Thoreau was an American author, poet and philosopher. He graduated from Harvard College in and became a teacher for a while and also worked in his father's pencil factory. He became a protege of a neighbour and friend, Ralph Waldo Emerson and lived with him for two years working as a handyman. During this time Emerson helped him in getting some poems and essays published. In he built himself a small house on land owned by Emerson on the shore of Walden Pond to have a quiet place to study nature and write. Moving back several years later he spent the rest of his life writing, lecturing, surveying and working in his fathers factory.

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In all perception of the truth there is a divine ecstasy, an inexpressible delirium of joy, as when a youth embraces his betrothed virgin. What does education often do? It makes a straight-cut ditch of a free, meandering brook. Early in the morning, while all things are crisp with frost, men come with fishing-reels and slender lunch, and let down their fine lines through the snowy field to take pickerel and perch; wild men, who instinctively follow other fashions and trust other authorities than their townsmen, and by their goings and comings stitch towns together in parts where else they would be ripped. They sit and eat their luncheon in stout fear-naughts on the dry oak leaves on the shore, as wise in natural lore as the citizen is in artificial. Birds do not sing in caves, nor do doves cherish their innocence in dovecots. Even the utmost good-will and harmony and practical kindness are not sufficient for Friendship, for Friends do not live in harmony merely, as some say, but in melody.


  1. Godfred B. says:

    They say you die twice scott pilgrim vs the world online book

  2. Philip P. says:

    Henry David Thoreau 12 July 6 May was an American essayist , poet , philosopher , abolitionist , naturalist , tax resister , development critic , surveyor , and historian.

  3. Manuela L. says:

    When it's time to die, let us not discover that we have never lived.

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