What is the musical once about

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what is the musical once about

Once by Enda Walsh

A jewel box of a musical: small, delicate, brimming with emotion and charm.Vogue

It may sound like heresy to fans of the 2006 film, but this bewitching stage adaptation arguably improves on the movie, expanding its emotional breadth and elevating it stylistically while remaining true to the originals raw fragility.?Hollywood Reporter

Retaining the films popular music and lyrics, acclaimed Irish playwright Enda Walsh adapts this charming tale of a complicated romance between an Irish street musician and a young Czech immigrant for the stage. A hit musical Off-Broadway, Once premiered on Broadway in spring 2012 to rave reviews.

Enda Walsh is the author of five Edinburgh Festival Fringe First Award-winning plays, including Penelope, The Walworth Farce, and The New Electric Ballroom. He also co-wrote the film Hunger, which won the Camera dOr award at the Cannes Film Festival.

Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova are the stars and songwriters of the 2006 film Once, for which they won an Academy Award for Best Song. The two comprise the musical folk-rock duo The Swell Season, which is currently touring the United States. A documentary film of the duo, The Swell Season, was an official selection of the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival. Hansard is also a member of the Irish band The Frames and Irglova is a classically trained Czech pianist and vocalist.

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Falling Slowly - Once The Musical (Phoenix Theatre London)

'Once' The Broadway Musical Versus 'Once' The Film

He then puts his guitar in its case and turns to leave without it; but a young Czech woman "Girl" , who has been listening to him sing, approaches. She asks numerous personal questions about his songs; he replies that he wrote most of them for a girlfriend who broke up with him and moved to New York City. He is giving up on his music because the memories of his defunct relationship are too painful; he now works as a vacuum cleaner repairman in his father's shop. Girl responds that she has a vacuum that "does not suck", and asks him to fix it. She offers to pay for the repair by playing piano for him.

A company of 13 actor-musicians performs all roles and serves as the on-stage orchestra in the fable about a stuck troubadour fearful about moving forward. A pre-show jam session is a reason to show up early at the Jacobs on West 45th Street; beer is served on stage playgoers are welcome to commingle up there. Opening night is March The performers have New York credits, of course, but these are considered serious breakout performances. Michael Zygo.

Once is a musical based on the film of the same name by John Carney. Like the film, music and lyrics were by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, including.
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Last week, I attended the Broadway production of Once , which is based on the film version of Once. I wanted to add the word "obviously" at the end of that last sentence, but, at the show, I was surrounded by dozens of people who seemed shocked to learn that there is a film version., Musical in 2 acts based on the film of the same name. Bernard B.

W e don't do musicals in Ireland. Well, not much. In separate counties, even. There is possibly a musical theatre company hidden on Sherkin Island doing a production of Wicked right now, but they haven't been found yet. And when they do find them, it will be a heavy dose of Samuel Beckett for those grinning fools. Why break into song and dance to exorcise your inner emotions when you can talk yourself through it? Over the years, I've added my own fair share of words to Irish theatre.

As a pop critic used to late starts in beery venues, an evening of musical theatre would usually bring me out in a cold sweat, but Once is unique. The Broadway hit was inspired by a movie that featured an Oscar-winning song and an unlikely folk-pop duo whose real-life relationship became as compelling as their music. Following its Tony Awards triumph eight wins for the Broadway production, Once is now previewing in the West End, where thousands more will fall for the musical chemistry between an Irish busker and a young Czech mother in Dublin. The story behind Once is heartwarming. The duo were not closely involved in producing the stage version, though Hansard who also appeared in cult movie The Commitments in gave advice on his performance style. They sang it really well and the most important thing is they made it believable. Although the title refers to the romantic notion that you get one chance at finding perfect love, the film of Once felt more like a down-to-earth documentary than a Hollywood-style romance.

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