Tired of thinking about drinking book

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tired of thinking about drinking book

Tired of Thinking About Drinking: Take My 100-Day Sober Challenge by Belle Robertson

Great read if you are also tired of all the rules you are setting around your drinking;)
Love this authorís sense of humor and the way she addresses the over thinking of wanting to cut back in alcohol consumptions and the attempts to moderate.

Some quotes that stuck out to me:

ďI am definitely drinking too much. I should face that. I should stop drinking for a week, take a break. Iíll start tomorrow, after the work party, after vacation, next week, after the birthday, the first of the month, on Monday. I promise.
You quickly do a search on the internet ĎDo I need to stop drinkingí but donít find an answer. Anyway, last night, THAT wonít happen again. Next time Iíll eat first, alternate with water, stop after two glasses of wine, ... Or maybe Iíll take a break from drinking for a few months, that should be easy enough. If I can quit for a bit then itís probably not a problem. Anyway, the online questionnaire said if Iím not drinking in the morning, then I might not be an alcoholic...

Because only alcoholics benefit from quitting drinking. No one else would quit, would they? To sleep better, spend less money, lose weight, and feel proud of themselves? No one just stops drinking alcohol do they? What about missing out, the fun, what about celebrations and boredom? What about all those hypothetical wine tours in Italy *I loved that wine tour one, bc it literally has been part of my inter dialogue??*...
When you flip that idea of NOT BEING ABLE TO DRINK on itís head, you can turn it into a decision that sounds like this: ĎI donít drink because itís not good for me. I donít do cocaine either. Thereís a whole list of things I donít ingest because other people do. I do whatís best for me. I also donít drive without a seatbelt and I donít walk in dog shit. I am taking care of me.Ē

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10 Amazing Things That Happen When You Stop Drinking Alcohol

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Belle Robertson

Tired of Thinking About Drinking: Take My 100-Day Sober Challenge

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Belle: I was on some kind of weird auto-pilot, repeating action. I drank right up to my planned quit date, and my last drink I sort of choked down. I had a slow decline. If booze is an elevator that only goes down, then I was heading down. Belle: I think the hardest thing was thinking that I could do it all alone. Once I found the online sober blogs, things really changed for me.

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