Shakespeare much ado about nothing character list

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shakespeare much ado about nothing character list

Much Ado About Nothing Quotes by William Shakespeare

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Don Pedro is the Prince of Aragon. He has just won a war against his illegitimate half-brother Don John. Read more Don John is a bastard, in both the legal and ethical senses of the term. The essence of his character is that he is evil. He is from Florence, though he has an emotional uncle living in Messina. He wears a beard at the beginning of the play.

Much Ado About Nothing characters are some of Shakespeare's best-loved comedy creations. Benedick: Young, funny and locked into a love-hate relationship with Beatrice. He has been away fighting under Don Pedro, and upon his return to Messina, he vows never to marry. This slowly changes throughout the play — by the time he agrees to kill Claudio at the request of Beatrice, we know that he is committed to her. His sharpest weapon is his wit, but he meets his match with Beatrice.

William Shakespeare

Prince of Aragon, a military commander who brings his troops to Messina., Leonato Governor of Messina, a city in Renaissance Italy. Most of the play takes place in and around Leonato's home and estate.

Meet the Cast - The Tempest. Our Female lead must deliver a well rounded character with honesty and intellect. She wages a war of wits against Benedick and often wins the battle. At the outset of the play, she appears content never to marry, however, she is in love with Benedick, just unwilling to admit it. Chemistry with the male lead in paramount.


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