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About A Boy

Will is in his mid-thirties and enjoys a bachelor lifestyle in London. Despite his frequent dates and dalliances with women, he is happily single and maintains that he would not be able to share his life with someone else; after all, he is 'the star of the Will Show! Will lives a luxurious life without needing to work due to a lucrative Christmas hit by his father. Essentially, Will is incredibly self centered and unable to connect with other people. However, it is his unusual friendship with Marcus that teaches him to be more accepting and selfless. Marcus is twelve years old and lives with his mum. He struggles to find a balance between pleasing his mum who is an eccentric vegetarian and popular culture Will and people at school.

A story is something that happens to a character or because of a character and the subsequent changes that occur for said character. Basically, someone is one way, this thing happens, that someone is now different than before. But did you know your character could be as many as three different characters? This article dives into three of these character profiles: the Protagonist, the Main Character, and the Hero. This is your character that I talked about in my previous article.

It is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Nick Hornby. The film at times uses double voice-over narration, when the audience hears both Will's and Marcus's thoughts. The film was theatrically released on 26 April by Universal Pictures. Will Freeman [3] lives a serene and luxurious lifestyle devoid of responsibility in London thanks to substantial royalties left to him from a successful Christmas song composed by his father. Will gains Marcus's interest and trust after he lies to a park ranger to cover up for Marcus accidentally killing a duck by throwing his mother's cottage loaf at it. Afterward, when Will and Suzie take Marcus home, they find Fiona in the living room, overdosed on pills in a suicide attempt.

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I have a supporting character that seems to fill a far greater purpose than I originally anticipated. However, your definition says hero and main character are synonymous. Is it wheels off to have a main character and protagonist not be the hero in the end? Do you think the audience will feel cheated by a decision like this? Seriously, you can stop reading now.

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