Feeling bad about breaking someones heart

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feeling bad about breaking someones heart

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Published 27.12.2018

How to Not Feel Guilty When Ending Toxic Relationships (for Highly Sensitive People)

The Agony Of Breaking The Heart Of Someone You Used To Love

Imagine that someone in this world loves you more than any song can song, and any phrase can express. You are the first thing on his mind every morning, and the last thing on his mind every night. He worships you. Your happiness and success are his only goals in life. You are literally his drug. Everything you are, is everything he wants and the only thing he needs. He would take a bullet for you.

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How to Get Over Someone Who Broke Your Heart - Stop Feeling Bad

It might even feel worse than being the one who got dumped, because on top of that loss, you feel guilty as hell. You never go into a relationship wanting to be the heartbreaker. You never go into a relationship wanting to hurt the other person. But, sometimes feelings change. People change. And your heart can change too.

It's a painstaking responsibility And have you ever noticed how it comes in stages? The first being the confusion that comes in a wave, the nagging voice that asks you over and over why you're getting annoyed so easily, why your attraction has started to dwindle from passionate kissed to formal pecks here and there. Then there's the numbness you try so hard to fight, lying awake at night trying to convince yourself that you're still in love. Even when all of your instincts tell you differently.

We often hear about heartbreak from those mercilessly dumped by the "one" and left for dead on the side of the proverbial highway of love. But what about the rest of us? What about the ones who actually do the breaking up? Where are our stories? We're the ones who faced a serious dilemma, a crossroads in our lives and ultimately had to make a decision. We're the ones who've fallen out of love.


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