Book about twins separated at birth fiction

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book about twins separated at birth fiction

Separated At Birth (47 books)

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Identical Twins Separated at Birth

Separated twins -- children's/young adult fiction

By Emma Volk Off the Shelf. Thanks in large part to "The Parent Trap," one of my greatest wishes growing up was to discover my own separated-at-birth twin. We'd wear matching outfits and fool everyone into thinking we were the same person so I'd never have to do anything I hated again conveniently, my imaginary twin would love taking math tests. These days, I'm resigned to my lot as a solo zygote, but the mystique of twins has never worn off. Whether you are a twin or simply dream of being one, these seven books will have you seeing double.

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There is no doubt that twins hold a fascination for many novelists. The plot lines that identical twins offer lend themselves to the tragic as well as the comic. Twins can hate each other or love each other too much, get separated at birth, be unaware that they have a twin yet deep down feel that something is missing. They can swap places either for fun or for more sinister reasons! The following list of books, which explores the complex relationship between twins, contains all these scenarios. From distant planets to Vienna and English country boarding schools - even the future - it would seem that the problems twins encounter are universal.

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M y toddler twin sons seem to believe they might be the same person or copies of each other. For the most part, they only use one of their names interchangeably; it has taken some doing to convince one twin to recognize that the discarded name actually belongs to him and he should reclaim it., Description: Separation either after birth, or separation not caused by death. They may be reunited.

A few weeks ago, I went along to our local theatre to watch my fourteen-year-old son perform in a Shakespeare Schools Festival production of Twelfth Night. The hush in the auditorium as Sebastian walked onstage into the presence of Viola-disguised-as-Cesario; the satisfied sigh from the audience as brother and sister finally recognized each other—these moments have been enjoyed by millions of people, all over the world, through more than four centuries. What better example is there of our enduring fascination with twins? They might be separated at birth—or when older, as with Viola and Sebastian. They might have their own private language, or a psychic bond that we singletons can only envy. The sibling bond is powerful in fiction, but the twin bond is doubly so. Adeline and Emmeline are out-of-control twins growing up in a wealthy but unstable family.


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