But i do know all about chocolate

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but i do know all about chocolate

But I do know ALL about chocolate by Lauren Child

Charlie has this little sister Lola. She thinks she knows all about chocolate.

Lola says, I really extremely do like chocolate.

Join Lola as she learns where her favourite treat really comes from, and how buying Fairtrade chocolate can make a big difference.

In buying this completely special book you are donating money to Comic RElief and helping some of the most vulnerable people in the UK and Africa.
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but i do know all about chocolate

20 Things You Never Knew About Chocolate

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We all know the delicious smell of chocolate: the rich velvety aroma of roasted cocoa beans that makes our mouth water.
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Skip to main content. What do you know about chocolate? Learn about the history of chocolate and the interesting journey from cocoa bean to chocolate bar. It takes place each year on 7 July. To celebrate it, read about the history of chocolate and the interesting journey from cocoa bean to chocolate bar. Chocolate was first used as a drink over 3, years ago in Central America. It was very popular with the Mayans and the Aztecs, who mixed cocoa beans with vanilla or chilli peppers.

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Happy National Chocolate Day! Holiday makers are constantly on the hunt for a reason to munch on chocolate, so the calendar offers plenty of excuses to buy a bar. Official day or not, we do know that chocolate first arrived in Europe some time in the 16th century. Milk and dark chocolate come from the cacao bean, which grows on the cacao tree Theobroma cacao , an evergreen from the family Malvaceae other members of the family include okra and cotton. This makes the most important part of the sweet treat a vegetable. Because it doesn't contain cocoa solids or chocolate liquor, white chocolate isn't chocolate in the strict sense.


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