Crip gang questions and answers

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crip gang questions and answers

Hoover Crips: When Cripin Becomes a Way of Life by Steven R. Cureton

Hoover Crips is the product of field interviews with Crip gang members in South Central Los Angeles, California. Older gang members offer a dramatic portrayal of their life experiences within a social world beset by gangster politics. The book reveals the Hoover street gang is a community institution that significantly impacts the lifestyle choices of Black male residents. The main feature of the book is its insiders view of gangs. Unique information gathered by Professor Steven R. Cureton includes: -the origins and current state of the Hoover community, gang, and residents -insight into the subculture of gang membership, reputation building, and hustling drugs, guns, and people for survival -the balance between humanity, civility, peace, and war in gang life -and new discoveries relative to Black residency in a gang-dominated environment. The study concludes with a where they are now for the participants in the interviews. This book is recommended for courses in deviance, juvenile delinquency, criminology, cultural deviance, urban communities/sociology of communities, race in America, Black experiences, race relations, race and ethnic relations, qualitative research methodology, and ethnographic research.
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Crips N Bloods in NY Pt 3(" RIKERS ISLAND" questions)

Crips Gang Quiz

Do we really need an entire paragraph devoted to explaining what cocaine and crack are in the middle of a gang article? I understand that it's related, but there's no reason to expound on the subject when it can just be linked. Bradenmcg , 31 March UTC. Washington High is said to be located in Fremont, California. Is there a mistake there? Fremont High School is different from Washington Preparatory.

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Have you ever wondered about where you would land if you were in the Crips or the Bloods? You can find out right now just by answering these simple questions! These questions are going to go over different details related to the Crips and the Bloods to help in determining where you would be if you were a member in either one. This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever. It is intended for fun only so do not treat the result too seriously :.



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