Hans and franz snl skit

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hans and franz snl skit

Saturday Night Live: The First Twenty Years by Michael Cader

The official book of the shows 20th anniversary is a lively, jam-packed and heavily illustrated look at the first two decades of the show through the voices and memories of all those who made it happen. Summaries of every sketch feature a roundup of major characters, episode-by-episode descriptions, and familiar trademark phrases. Includes all musical groups to appear as well. Photos, many in color.
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Published 16.01.2019

Hans & Franz: Liposuction - SNL

Arnold Schwarzenegger almost starred in a bizarre musical based on an 'SNL' sketch

Here are nine proposed SNL movies that you'll probably never get to see. The idea for a Hans and Franz movie began—and ended—with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who suggested the idea to Kevin Nealon and Dana Carvey when he guest starred in a segment. Arnold Schwarzenegger was co-producing with us, and he was going to star in it. We got it written, sold it to Sony. But I think Arnold got cold feet. In a interview with The A.

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It turns out that there was a Hans and Franz movie once in the works - based on the bit starring Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon - and the big screen adaptation would have both been a musical and starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. Smigel recently recorded a digital exclusive for Late Night With Seth Meyers , and in the video he went into specifics about the Hans and Franz movie that nearly joined the ranks of Saturday Night Live films. Taking us all the way back to the early s, the writer explained that he initially thought the idea of making a movie about two ridiculous bodybuilders was a "terrible idea," but that tune changed when Arnold Schwarzenegger called Dana Carvey expressing interest in pursuing the project, and it was pitched that the feature be made as a musical. The initial idea was that the story would start in the "Austrian section of New York" - which is described as having rolling hills and bodybuilders everywhere - and would take the lead characters on a cross-country to California, where they would pursue fame and celebrity a la what Arnold Schwarzenegger accomplished. The writer added that Schwarzenegger would have played a dual role in the movie, first appearing as Hans and Franz's grandmother. Smigel doesn't specifically say what the second part would have been, but it's implied that he would be playing some kind of version of himself. You can watch Robert Smigel tell the story in the video below, and also hear him sing one of the jazzy tunes that Arnold Schwarzenegger would have performed in the Hans and Franz film.

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In , because of the underperformance of these titles and SNL hitting a creative slump, several SNL movies already in development were put on ice. These films falling short of blockbuster status led to a decade without SNL movies, until MacGruber came out last year and also performed poorly at the box office. The Coneheads animated series pilot aired It also featured a laughtrack. Coneheads became a live-action feature film a decade later.

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