Best realistic fiction books 2018

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best realistic fiction books 2018

Realistic Fiction Book Lists

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Published 03.02.2019

7 Great Realistic Fiction Books

Realistic fiction can be defined as a genre of writing in which the characters, setting, and events are made up but could be real. These stories resemble real life because they reflect real experiences—things people like you and I go through.

Realistic Fiction Books for Kids and Teens: A Beginner’s Guide

This has been another tough year in a string of tough years. At first critics claimed we needed literature more than ever, but sometimes it has felt too easily forgotten. Like many, I have worried that political horror has made me cold and bitter; in the past 12 months, cynicism has seemed to bleed into every facet of life. The relentless churn of mini- and mega-scandals has proven a constant distraction from deep reading. As I looked back on my year, I remembered all these months of frustrated reading. But I also remembered, thankfully, that it was not all frustration. But of those I did, these are the ones that stuck with me most determinedly.

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And psst: they work for older readers, too! Add to Bag. Ostracized by her classmates for calling the cops on the party at which she was attacked, Melinda suffers in silence, until she no longer can. Enlightening, empowering, and necessary, this National Book Award Finalist is the stuff that saves lives, and a must-read for any fan of realistic YA fiction, or teen fiction in general. Every Day , by David Levithan A wakes up every day in a different body, living a different life, with only one constant: Rhiannon.


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