Books on ai and machine learning

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books on ai and machine learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Business: A No-Nonsense Guide to Data Driven Technologies by Steven Finlay

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are now mainstream business tools. They are being applied across many industries to increase profits, reduce costs, save lives and improve customer experiences. Consequently, organizations which understand these tools and know how to use them are benefiting at the expense of their rivals.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Business cuts through the technical jargon that is often associated with these subjects. It delivers a simple and concise introduction for managers and business people. The focus is very much on practical application, and how to work with technical specialists (data scientists) to maximize the benefits of these technologies.
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Published 12.02.2019

How to Become a Data Scientist

6 Best Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Books in 2019

As such, business leaders often ask me for tips on recommend reading they want to know which books will help them understand the AI revolution, grasp its impact on our world and plan for an AI-driven future. My plan for this article was to nominate the single best book on AI as in, if you could only read one, which book should it be? But, honestly, it was just too difficult to narrow down my favorites to one book! Instead, I offer you my top five. In my view, these are the very best AI books that are available right now.

Best Books on Artificial Intelligence in PDF

While artificial intelligence AI has been historically confined to the Sci-Fi section of the movie genre, it has recently started picking up steam in the real world. With this explosive growth, though, keeping up with the innovations happening in artificial intelligence can seem intimidating. It opens your eyes to the AI race between the United States and China, the unarguable titans of the world. For centuries, human beings have filled their days by working: trading their time and sweat for shelter and food. The rise of artificial intelligence will challenge these values and threatens to undercut that sense of life-purpose in a vanishingly short window of time. Chinese companies are first and foremost market-driven. As artificial intelligence filters into the broader economy, this era will reward the quantity of solid engineers over the quality of elite researchers.

Artificial Intelligence is the latest technological trend many people want to learn it. There is so much learning material available online for AI that selecting the right book to learn AI is a difficult job. Here, we have given curated list top books which give you basic to advance information in easy to understand language. It is a step by step journey through the mathematics of neural networks. It also helps you to create your Neural network using the Python programming language.


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