Throne of glass ultimate character quiz

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throne of glass ultimate character quiz

The Throne of Glass series quiz: 30 questions by Saorla Hanley

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Published 19.02.2019

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Can you name ALL the characters in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas? Which Throne of Glass Character Said It? Tags:Young Adult Quiz, assassin, character, fantasy, Fantasy Characters, Fictional Characters, glass, teen, throne, Throne of Glass, warrior.

Throne of Glass series Ultimate Character Quiz

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Progress: 1 of 38 questions. Does not include The Assassin's Blade, but has spoilers for the three main books! What is Celaena's false name while she is competing to be the King's Champion? Progress: 2 of 38 questions. Which prospective champion does Celaena save from falling off of the climbing wall? Progress: 3 of 38 questions. What is the general name for the markings that repeatedly appear throughout Throne of Glass?

Manon Blackbeak is half Ironteeth witch, half Crochan. Lysandra is a shape-shifter and former courtesan at Madame Clarisse's brothel. She is the Lady of Caraverre. Nesryn is a former city guard of Rifthold. She worked with Aelin and the rebels to overthrow the King of Adarlan. After the coup's success, she became the Captain of the Guard. Crown Princess Nehemia Ytger, was the nineteen-year-old Princess of Eyllwe and the heir to its throne.



  1. Sylvie G. says:

    Name all of the characters from the entire series (including prequels, Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire, Queen of Shadows, Empire of Storms and Tower of Dawn) within in 15 mins. Main Character. Half Fae first Queen of Adarlan.

  2. Talbot P. says:

    Throne of Glass Ultimate Quiz - By AelinGalathynius

  3. Olcoosindzith says:

    Throne of Glass is centered along Celaena who is a fierce warrior and a force to be reckoned with in the kingdom.

  4. Wolfgang P. says:

    Progress: 1 of 30 questions.

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