Dragon age knight errant 3

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dragon age knight errant 3

Dragon Age: Knight Errant #1 by Nunzio DeFilippis

BioWare’s best-selling fantasy franchise lives on in these canonical comics from Dark Horse!

Elven squire Vaea and her knight arrive in Kirkwall for Varric Tethras’s appointment as viscount. A talented thief, Vaea takes on an easy job . . . but when she chooses to change the terms of the deal midheist, she is entangled in a dangerous mission that is surely above her pay grade.

* An essential addition to the Dragon Age canon!

* Covers by Sachin Teng!
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Published 02.04.2019

Dragon Age Comic Overview [Part 1/3] - The Silent Grove

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Nunzio DeFilippis

Dragon Age: Knight Errant #3 (Review)

The art, done by Fernando Heinz Furukawa , is solid, but nothing breathtaking — a little bit of a letdown after the gorgeous covers done by Sechin Teng. Characters are given characterization not so much by their appearance, but the manner with which they hold themselves and interact with each other. Despite the fact that this is issue 3, the beginning few pages seem to still be setting things up. The humor is well timed, not overly forced, and our protagonist Vaea is extremely likable. None of her jokes fall flat; though some of her motivations seem more than a little unclear.

See a Problem?

With Varric's help, Vaea sets out on a rescue mission for the Inquisition. After dodging societal niceties with the stuffy prince Sebastian and the even stuffier Seneschal Granger, Vaea catches up to her quarry. But with Ser Aaron accused of stealing, and the alarm raised that the dungeons have been breached, will issue 4 bring us even more excitement than we bargained for? Read Full Review. The lack of emotional connection is the missed opportunity of this issue.

The strong second issue was able to be enjoyed by any fantasy fan. Unfortunately, issue 3 leans heavily into the fan service to propel the narrative forward. Issue 2 spent most of the issue exploring the dynamics of the segregation and oppression of elves. The idea of an elven underclass is not new to fantasy fiction, but those power dynamics are not deeply explored within the world of Dragon Age. What readers get in issue 3 is a fun adventure filled with references for fans.


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