Ai weiwei freedom of speech

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ai weiwei freedom of speech

Ai Weiwei Quotes (Author of Ai Weiwei Speaks)

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Ai Weiwei about freedom of speech and censorship in China - Berlin - September 2, 2015

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Ai Weiwei, Free Speech Pendant, 2014

January 27 , — August 20, Known to work in a wide variety of contexts and scale, his ability to transform materials to share his ideas, concerns and vision has given rise to a critically acclaimed and widely appreciated body of work. Iconic among recent work is his colossal Iron Tree , acquired and installed in in honor of Meijer Gardens' 20th anniversary. Learn more about Ai Weiwei on his website , or by following him on Instagram and Twitter. Learn more about the artist and activist in these articles from Seasons and in this chat with former Chief Curator Joseph Becherer on Soundcloud :. Who Is Ai Weiwei?

Mar 15, Well, it should for Ai Weiwei is a Chinese dissident and provocative artist, with works indelibly tied to the fight for free speech. He is also the.
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He accompanies the migrants, talks to them and even grills kebab for them. Adrienne Clarkson to get him to talk about his personal interactions with the refugees or the details of the production.

BEIJING — In the space of a month in , at separate art exhibitions in Beijing and Shanghai that included my work, my name was blotted out — in one case by government officials and by exhibitors themselves in the other case. Some people might take such treatment in stride, as nothing to get huffy about. But as an artist, I view the labels on my work as a measure of the value I have produced — like water-level markers at a riverbank. Life in China is saturated with pretense. People feign ignorance and speak in ambiguities. Everyone in China knows that a censorship system exists, but there is very little discussion of why it exists.

For an artist, freedom and the ability to share ideas with other like-minded people is essential. Just as much as rebelliousness, optimism is vital for creativity. Ai Weiwei is a great example of how artists can thrive despite the odds. He has faced censorship and repression, and expresses this in his exhibition at the Royal Academy RA where his artistic sensibility breathes freely in the generous space given to him. Every rod in this piece is hammered around times to make it straight. The piece is a tribute to the victims of an earthquake who died due to shoddy construction of school buildings, as well as a comment on the corruption involved in the construction projects.


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