How i survived middle school by nancy krulik

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how i survived middle school by nancy krulik

How I Survived Middle School Series by Nancy E. Krulik

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One Book Two Book - Nancy Krulik

How I Survived middle School

Nancy Krulik is the author of more than books for children and young adults, including three New York Times bestsellers. Nancy currently lives in Manhattan with her husband, composer Daniel Burwasser, their two children, Amanda and Ian, and a wacky beagle mix named Josie. Katie and Suzanne are so excited - they won tickets to see their favorite rock group, the Bayside Boys, at the Cherrydale Arena Katie and her friends are so excited when they find out that a movie is being filmed in their town Katie Carew is fed up Katie Carew is fed up.

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It follows the life of Jennifer "Jenny" McAfee who is the main character of the series. Their are a total of 13 books so far. After taking a middleschoolsurvival. But Jenny has another reason to feel confident. She'll have her best friend, Addie Wilson , right there by her side. When Jenny and Addie meet at their lockers the next morning, Jenny finds out that Addie has other plans-and they don't include her. Could Addie really be ditching her for the Pops -the coolest seventh graders in the school?

How I Survived Middle School is a series of young adult novels by Nancy Krulik , [1] who has written more than books for children and young adults. The series has gained popularity among both young adults and librarians for the interactions built into the series for readers, such as self-scored quizzes. She expects support from her best friend Addie, who has instead joined the "popular group" or the "pops". She struggles to find who her real friends are in middle school. When a it says a nasty and untrue rumor about Chloe, Jenny tries to find out who Madame X, the column writer, is.


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