How to focus and get things done

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how to focus and get things done

How To Focus - Stop Procrastinating, Improve Your Concentration & Get Things Done - Easily! Quotes by Mani S. Sivasubramanian

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Published 05.04.2019

5 HACKS To Get Things Done! STOP Wasting Time w/ Thomas Frank

Where we place our attention determines what gets done.

17 Tricks To Get More Things Done During the Work Day

By Kat Boogaard on November 27, in Productivity. You know those days, right? You spend a few minutes tapping away in a Google Doc, followed by an embarrassing amount of time falling down the YouTube black hole. You answer a single email before grabbing your phone for a not-so-brief scroll through Instagram. What gives? And, more importantly, how can you give your attention span a much-needed kick in the pants?

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You are not alone. The lack of time and lack of time management is an epidemic and a virus eating away at your productivity. Sure, there are thousands of ways to manage time. Smart phones, planners, whiteboards -- there are tools galore. But unless you consider and refine the one variable that is the same in every time management scenario, no amount of tools, tactics or gadgets will help you. That variable is your mind. How you think about time and how you organize it in your mind is key.

Have you ever wanted to get something done but you can't seem to finish? Maybe you just have a lack of motivation, or maybe distractions are getting the better of you. If you need to buckle down and get something done, a good work environment, strong focus, and dedication are key. If you want to get things done, make a list of everything you need to do. From here, you should prioritize the tasks and highlight any specific deadlines that you'll need to keep in mind.

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    But staying focused is perhaps the best way for us to get things done and move forward with our lives and our jobs. So how do we keep our eye on the ball when .

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