How long is a military shower

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how long is a military shower

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Published 06.04.2019

What They Don't Tell You (Showering in the Military)

Do you want to take a shower that wastes less water and takes very little time? A normal shower can waste up to 60 gallons of water where a navy shower can use as little as 11 gallons.

Navy shower

Showering and bathing represents a lot of our water use. But nobody wants to be unwashed. The solution, of course, is to shower for less time. There's one more step you can take -- perhaps in moderation -- if you want to shine up your green credentials a bit: the Navy Shower. I was introduced to this as the "submarine shower" when I was staying at a place up in Idaho that didn't have any hot water.

We all know that being in the military means being trained to do things in the most efficient manner possible , and according to this article on military. When everyone is packed into their showering area, a drill instructor will give you an allotted time by counting down from a certain number to clean individual parts of your body and then rinse. Being able to take a full shower without a DI giving commands is also a rite of passage. Sounds relaxing! But considering some people do manage to spend more than 15 minutes in their daily shower , it seems like a few of us could use some lessons in efficient showering. To that end we enlisted Chris Shellaby, drill sergeant at Fort Sill, Oklahoma , to provide some pointers.

Join the Military

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    The skills obtained from just a few short months at basic military training in any branch of service is astonishing.

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