Sir robert loxley of nottingham

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sir robert loxley of nottingham

Lady Of Sherwood by Jennifer Roberson

National bestselling author Jennifer Roberson brought the legend of Robin Hood and Maid Marian to life in Lady of the Forest -- a story so beautifully told that it lives on in our imaginations. Roberson, renowned in the fantasy world for two successful and award-winning series, has a devoted following who recognize her storytelling talents, whether shes writing a tale of fantasy or historical fiction. And now, Roberson masterfully continues one of the most cherished love stories of all time -- like Lady of the Forest, told from Marians perspective. In Lady Of Sherwood, Robin Hood and Marian are caught up in the intrigue of kings, and face a betrayal that will test their faith in each other...and the power of their love.Robert of Locksley, the handsome son of a respected earl, had long battled the tyranny of Prince John -- a man as weak as he is cruel. Now that power has shifted even more firmly into Johns hands, and Robert has no choice but to fight as an Robin Hood.

Lady Marian of Ravenskeep has fled into the depths of Sherwood Florst. There, amid the wild woods, she will be transformed from lady to warrior, as Robins partner in crime, in danger...and in love.
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ROBIN HOOD - Marion Loxley

Robin Hood is a British-American epic historical drama film based on the Robin Hood they depart to sail across the Channel, Robin promises one of the dying knights, Sir Robert Loxley, to return his sword to his father in Nottingham.
Jennifer Roberson

Robin Hood: the sword and the Magna Carta

By scholarly consensus, the original literary allusion to 'Robin Hood' is found in "Piers Plowman", written in the 's, allegedly by one 'William Langland'. In the text, 'Piers' relates -- "I do not know my paternoster perfectly as the priest sings it, but I know rhymes of Robin Hood and Randolf Earl of Chester". The close association between 'Robert of Loxley' and "Robin Hood" and the literary convention of dating the narratives during the reigns of Richard the Lionhearted and his evil younger brother John Lackland in 19th and 20th century literature and film is largely derivative of Sir Walter Scott's novel "Ivanhoe" Scott appears to have taken the name from an anonymous manuscript, written in , that employs 'Locksley' as an epithet for Robin Hood. Owing to Scott's decision to make use of the manuscript, Robin Hood from Locksley has been transformed for all time into ' Robin of Locksley', alias Robin Hood. There is, incidentally, a village called Loxley in Yorkshire

Robin Hood (2010)

Robin Hood is a legendary heroic outlaw originally depicted in English folklore and subsequently featured in literature and film. - Jump to navigation. He needs to finance the final leg of his journey home to England after ten years of fighting and imprisonment.

It was released in 12 countries on 12 May , including the United Kingdom and Ireland and was also the opening film at the Cannes Film Festival the same day. It was released in a further 23 countries the following day, among them Australia , and an additional 17 countries on 14 May , among them the United States and Canada. In the year , Robin Longstride serves as a common archer in the army of King Richard the Lionheart. A veteran of Richard's crusade , he now takes part in the siege of Chalus Castle. Disillusioned and war-weary, he gives a frank but unflattering appraisal of the King's conduct when the King asks his opinion, and Robin and his comrades—archers Allan A'Dayle and Will Scarlett and soldier Little John —find themselves in the stocks. When the King is slain during an attack on the castle, Robin and his men decide to free themselves and desert. They come across an ambush of the English royal guard by Godfrey, an English knight who has conspired with King Philip of France to assassinate King Richard.


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    Robin Hood is a legendary heroic outlaw originally depicted in English folklore and The Sheriff is often depicted as assisting Prince John in usurping the rightful but .. suggests it was probably performed at the household of Sir John Paston. . Nottinghamshire village of Locksley and that his original name was Robert.

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