How to regain control of my life

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how to regain control of my life

Beat Cancer: How to Regain Control of Your Health and Your Life by Jane A. Plant

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, you want to do everything possible to beat the disease. But with so much conflicting advice and so many options available, how do you decide on the best treatment plan for you?

In this major new book, Professor Jane Plant and Professor Mustafa Djamgoz present a clear and scientifically sound 10-step programme to help you beat cancer. At a time when you may be feeling helpless and confused, this book provides the essential guidance you need to take control of your life and regain your health with targeted advice for specific cancers.

Included in the 10-step plan:

· Inform yourself: understand what cancer is, what causes it and how to avoid carcinogens
· Choosing the right treatment: evidence-based advice on conventional and complementary therapies, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery and medication
· Change your lifestyle: guidance on diet, exercise, reducing stress, relationships and other lifestyle factors that have a proven link with cancer

Beat Cancer will help you prevent cancer, tackle your diagnosis and stay in remission.
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How To GET Your Life Back Together - Dopamine Fast

A Master Plan for Taking Back Control of Your Life

In my studies I have found that many people who experience psychiatric symptoms or have had traumatic things happen to them feel that they have no power or control over their own lives. Control of your life may have been taken over when your symptoms were severe and you were in a very vulnerable position. Even when you are doing much better, others may continue making decisions in your behalf. Often, the decisions that are made for you and the resulting action are not those you would have chosen. Taking back control of your life by making your own decisions and your own choices is essential to recovery.

Confident people are the ones who feel in control of their lives. Loss of control over one's life is always associated with feelings of helplessness which is then followed by depression. In my previous article Why do i feel helpless I explained how not finding yourself in control of your life all the time can let you form false beliefs that limit your potential such as "I am no good" or "There is no way out". The tremendous amount of confidence you will feel as a result of feeling in control of your life can not be described by words but it can only be felt. In this article I will tell you how to regain control of your life so that you can boost your self confidence levels.

Our willpower is a highly limited resource, and it gets depleted by every act that requires its use. We outline 8 steps you can take to maintain peak performance. By Tony Schwartz Oct 4, The world is literally at our fingertips, a few keystrokes away. The sirens sing to us, too: Have the dessert.

It's easy for life to get out of balance, to be a constant juggling act. Eight tips for regaining control and taking your life back.
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Most people want to be in good health, experience well-being, be satisfied with work, accept themselves, be respected, and have supportive relationships. If your life feels hectic, monotonous, or incomplete, then you need to get back in control. Anything that holds value in life requires time, effort, focus, and is likely to cause discomfort along the way. Be the person you want to be, and live the life you want by learning how to change your thinking, make lifestyle modifications, and be productive. To take control of your life, try to be independent so you don't have to rely on others for your emotional or financial well-being. Also, set goals for yourself, like improving your relationships or being healthier, which will give you things to work toward and help you feel more in control.

True happiness comes from having much less than you think you need. By normal standards, my family was just getting by with what we had. It was either use my imagination to escape my reality or die of boredom. Which choice do you think I made? No longer was the day boring because the toys I had were old and worn. Suddenly, the little apartment we lived in turned into a massive playground where my siblings and I could play hide and seek.



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