Me stories of my life pdf

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me stories of my life pdf

The Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy by Elizabeth Kendall

I was 14 when I read this book. Thats too young. My mom had a unique philosophy regarding censorship--so far as I remember, she didnt censor anything. I watched Holocaust movies when I was six. And I watched Mark Harmon portray Ted Bundy in The Deliberate Stranger on TV when I was just a kid.

I was a freshman in high school, doing an overly ambitious research project on Ted Bundy. He had captured my imagination in the movie, and his recent execution left him lingering in my thoughts. As I was researching, I wanted desperately to know--how could someone live with and love someone that was so patently evil?

The answer is simple; its easy to miss what you dont want to see. Kendall wrote this book with the benefit of hindsight. She was able to look back at their years-long relationship and see just how twisted and damaging it actually was. She was able to piece together odd occurrences and see them as signs of Bundys monstrosity. At the time, though, he was her prince--the man who loved her. The small odd things werent enough to force her to leave him in much the same way that people dont leave abusive partners. At first, it wasnt bad. Later, she didnt know what to do without him. He had become a habit in her unhappy life. It was only after he was accused of murder--and his coworker Carol seemed to be his second girlfriend--that Kendall was able to cut him out of her life.

This is an important book in helping to understand the psychology of abused and dependent partners. Its too bad that its out of print.

The fact that I remember the book this well--19 years after reading it--should serve as testament to its power.
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Queen - Love of my life (w/ lyrics)

Many people have a story to tell.
Elizabeth Kendall

3 Mistakes Of My Life Books

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