Movie where 18 wheelers come to life

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movie where 18 wheelers come to life

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Earn points on every ticket you buy. Get your swag on with discounted movies to stream at home, exclusive movie gear, access to advanced screenings and discounts galore. We know life happens, so if something comes up, you can return or exchange your tickets up until the posted showtime. In , Joy Ride followed three young people on a cross-country trip who run afoul of a psycho truck driver. Director John Dahl, working from a sceenplay written in part by J. Abrams, kept raising the stakes throughout the thriller, resulting in a very tense ride.

What are some of your most favorite trucking movies? Often they portray this common mythology of truck drivers as modern day cowboys — mavericks. Below we offer our Top 10 list of some of the most popular or most memorable movies featuring trucks, truckers and the trucking industry and a few facts about them. They are offered in alphabetical order as choosing how to rank them would be nearly impossible without getting into a brawl. We would be interested in knowing how you would rank these choices or if you think our list ignores more noteworthy films. This film would be one of those few notable exceptions we mentioned before.

I like a good psychologically scary movie better than a gory one. One raised eyebrow by Anthony Hopkins scares me more than a sawed-off body part. Throw in a clown, birds, a shower curtain, a homicidal doll, Jack Nicholson and an adolescent girl going to her prom and you pretty much have my top list of all time scariest scary movies. Lots of diesel exhaust blowing maliciously across the screen. Machines come to life when the earth passes through the tail of a comet. Chaos reigns as hairdryers, vending machines, lawnmowers and homicidal semi-trucks begin a murderous raging rampage.

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Maximum Overdrive is a American comedy horror film written and directed by Stephen King. The screenplay was inspired by and loosely based on King's short story " Trucks ", which was included in the author's first collection of short stories, Night Shift.

Bogart, Nicholson and lesser-known actors take their turns driving big trucks. Last year, we rolled out a list of six classic truck-driving movies that never rose to the same level of fame as, say, Smokey and the Bandit or Convoy. The topic of underrated trucker films proved so popular with our readers, we decided to profile six more movies you may not know about, but should. We had to dig a little deeper into the forgotten movie scrapheap to compile the list below. While not all the following films are masterpieces, they are big-rig flicks deserving of a little more recognition. Fans of wheelers and monster trucks will love this version of the classic trucker-gets-justice-the-only-way-he-can tale. Don Michael Paul plays a Canadian trucker who must avenge the murder of his parents and sisters by a corrupt family that is above the law.

Kill Bill: Vol. Sign in. We gaze into our crystal ball to look at seven Toronto International Film Festival titles to watch for come awards season. Watch the video. Title: Maximum Overdrive An anthology which tells five terrifying tales based on the E.

Let us know if we left out one of your favorites! For the money, for the glory, and for the fun. Mostly for the money. This movie made every kid want to be a trucker and made CB radios popular. Hard men, proud men, not too proud to cry or shed a tear.


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    A group of people try to survive when machines start to come alive and become homicidal. A werewolf terrorizes a small city where lives the paralytic Marty Coslaw, his religious cult of children believe everyone over the age of 18 must be killed. . The movie has a very bad pace and it really just seems to go on and on.

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    Maximum Overdrive is a American comedy horror film written and directed by Stephen King. The film stars Emilio Estevez, Pat Hingle, Laura Harrington.

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    Our List of the Top 10 Trucking Movies

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    6 scary trucking movies

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