Pushkin love poems in russian

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pushkin love poems in russian

Love Poems by Alexander Pushkin

A selection of the very finest love poems from the master of the genre, in a lavishly produced edition

The wondrous moment of our meeting . . .
I well remember you appear
Before me like a vision fleeting,
A beautys angel pure and clear.

One of the many aspects of Alexander Pushkins immense contribution to Russian language and literature, and perhaps the one he is most popular for, is his mastery of the love poem, a genre which he perfected like few others before or after him. This volume contains a selection of his most famous and enduring verse explorations of love, such as I Loved You, Night, and A Magic Moment I Remember, pieces which are crowning achievements of the European canon and still have the same timeless emotional resonance today.
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"I Loved You" - Alexander Pushkin - Poetry Reading

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Alexander Pushkin

Two Miracles of Russian Love Poetry

Add to list. I loved you hopelessly and mutely, Now with shyness, now with jealousy being vexed; I loved you so sincerely, so fondly, Likewise may someone love you next. Translation by Emil Sharafutdinov: I loved you; even now I must confess, Some embers of my love their fire retain; But do not let it cause you more distress, I do not want to sadden you again. Hopeless and tonguetied, yet I loved you dearly With pangs the jealous and the timid know; So tenderly I love you, so sincerely, I pray God grant another love you so. Another translation: I loved you once, nor can this heart be quiet; For it would seem that love still lingers there; But do not you be further troubled by it; I would in no wise hurt you, oh, my dear. I loved you without hope, a mute offender; What jealous pangs, what shy despairs I knew! A love as deep as this, as true, as tender, God grant another may yet offer you.

Dear Mr. Foreman, first of all, I take my hat off to the fruitful effort which has lead to the Russian translation, I am now reading. I do think your translation above is apt, but there is one detail in the last line of the original poem that you, perhaps, did not find particularly striking. Or it might just be my interpretation. This gradation might reflect the restraint or, perhaps, suppression of the emotions as they are breaking free in the heroine's head. I wonder, how do you perceive this gradation?

Collection of poems by Alexandr Pushkin. by common agreement -- at least among his own compatriots -- the greatest of all Russian writers. "I Loved You ".
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Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin Poems

In school, Russians were forced to learn plenty of poems by heart, as it's supposed to help in training memory. School students even have special tests, when one has to recite a poem by heart in front of the whole class. A little stressful, but thanks to that, many adult Russians remember all these beautiful poems. All has gone. In cold winters Want and hunger wait afore. Dragon-fly sings no more: Who would like to sing yet more, If the hungry belly hinders.

I loved you silently, hopelessly, tormented now by shyness timidity , now by jealousy; I loved you so sincerely, so tenderly, as God grant you may be loved by another man. Even Pushkin did not create another such miracle. A short explanation is required only because I have to say a few words about the translation. It reaches us as an echo in the concluding line. The phrase I loved you is repeated three times. There are five negations in the opening lines. We hear a story of a flame dying out slowly and reluctantly.


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    Aleksandr Pushkin is, by common agreement -- at least among his own compatriots -- the greatest of all Russian writers.

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    On the occasion of Pushkin's birthday, we offer a post on the challenge of translating his most famous love lyrics, with a bonus look at Innokenty.

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    5 poems that every Russian knows by heart - Russia Beyond

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